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Narconon Detox and Rehab Program

Narconon Montreal detox and rehab program:

“I just wanted to be locked up for a month so I’d be away from alcohol and drugs long enough to think clearly. Narconon gave me much more than that. The drug-free detoxification wasn’t always easy but definitely cleared my body. The courses may have seemed pointless at first, but as I progressed through the program I noticed how everything would add up at the end. Most importantly, I noticed a change in myself. I spent so long being someone else (a drunk, an addict) that I’d forgotten who I was. It’s quite amazing to meet myself again. I know that I’m a creative, intelligent and caring person again. Thanks to all at Narconon Montreal.”

Narconon Detox rehab program:

“I started drinking at 14 years old, and started smoking pot at 15. Then I started cocaine at 17. I was introduced to crack and I became hooked. I soon dropped out of high school and stopped talking to my parents. I really didn’t care about like. I was introduced to Narconon and I decided that I definitely needed help. So I agreed to come here. And with the technology that we have here, I have learned so much more than just about staying away from drugs. I’ve learned patience. After a month here my cravings for all drugs disappeared. I have hope for my future. And I have dreams I hope to accomplish one day. I realized that the world will work with me if I work with it. I’m happy again.”

Detox Success Story:

Narconon Program Completion

“This program has worked absolute wonders for me. Before I came I was taking drugs and eating lots of painkillers. I was also selling about 300 Loratabs and Noracos a week.

I collected unemployment, worked under the table and made about $600 a week for pills. I thought my life was great but I was bothered by the fact I had such a hard time working or going to school. I had absolutely no motivation to do those things because I felt I would just disappoint my self in the end. I came to Narconon, with some hope for direction and piece of mind. I got more than that – I got myself back. I got that freeness back that I felt as a little girl. I am so happy, clear and so charged up I can hardly explain in words the way I feel. I had been on drugs and alcohol for 10 years and my major addiction was to painkillers for a straight 8 years. I never realized how bad I was until I went through withdraw. I wanted pills so bad but when I got out of sauna all my cravings were gone. Energy was back and my head got so clear I could sit and concentrate on a book for hours. I thought that was great and that’s all I needed but what I studied and learned after the sauna is what brought the “old me” back. What Narconon has taught me can not be replaced.

I am in complete control of myself and what I do. I feel like I am ready for whatever obstacle or objective comes my way. I owe it all to the staff at Narconon, my mom and sister for asking me to come.
But most of all I owe it to myself.”

Narconon Rehab program:

“Hi! I’m Kim. I’ve just started at Narconon and everything is going great. I see a big change in myself. When I first got here I was doing horrible. I hated myself and I hated life. All I wanted to do was die. I was always depressed and what not. Like I said I’ve seen a change in myself I’m more happy and not depressed that much anymore. I actually look forward to living and don’t think of death anymore. I’m learning how to live with my feelings and everything else–sober. It’s not as easy as I thought, but I still have a lot to learn. I have a lot of time to think. Which is good, I guess. I actually started feeling happy. Don’t ask, I can’t explain. It’s an experience though. I have my good days and my bad days, like everything else. I just can’t describe what I feel. It’s cool though. But I have a long way to go. Narconon works its wonders. Who said miracles can’t happen? Here’s to the best to come and a happier life!! ”

-Kim B.

Detox & rehab Success Story:

“The best thing about this program so far…definitely the way I feel. When I was looking in the mirror one day after completing the New Life Detoxification Procedure, I noticed that I was looking healthier than I had in years, literally. It was then that I realized the program was very effective. The idea that everyone here had to do something at all times finally made a lot of sense to me. This program is set up in such a way that it seems a little strange at first but before I knew it, I was actively contributing my energy in a positive way. I feel that this is something anyone that has been depressed, on drugs, alcohol or for whatever reason feel they need rehabilitation or detoxification, can and will benefit from.”


Detox & rehab Success Story:

“I received a call from a friend of mine who told me there was a young man who was in serious trouble with drugs and needed help getting to Narconon ASAP! The young man’s name was B., and at the time of the call he was in the county detox center on a 24-hour hold. I had never done anything like this, but I felt confident that I could handle it … little did I know that my confidence would vary between “I can do anything” and “I’ll never be able to do this” about a hundred times during the next two days. When I first met B, I definitely knew he was in trouble, but I also saw a very sweet and scared young man that had no clue what to do next. He seemed to want help one minute and would completely refuse help the next. The one thing that I realized as time passed was that failure to get B to Narconon could not be an option because I was convinced that if I failed in my job, this young man was going to die. So I talked and talked and I pushed and I pushed and 48 hours later, B was on a plane. Aside from having my children, it was the most fulfilling experience of my life. And thanks to Narconon, there is a very bright young man who no longer needs to be afraid of what the future holds.”

– Jeannine Currier

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