Detox Success Story:

Narconon Program Completion

“I became aware of my addiction when snorting Oxycontin was not enough anymore, and I began to shoot it. Prior to that, I participated in recreational drug use since the age of 14. I went through the progression that one hears about so often; pot and alcohol, to LSD and ecstasy and cocaine, and ketamine, pharmaceuticals and then heroin.

“The last years of my heroin addiction were the scariest times I could ever imagine anyone going through. I stole, lied, spent most of my day in the pursuit of opiates, and did all the terrible and pointless things that addicts do. When it came to the point that I was hiding from my probation officer and the law, and living either in the woods or in friends’ closets for weeks, I decided that I needed to get help that would actually work. I did not want to do another 12 step program that would make me feel like I would never stop using and my life was just an endless cycle of relapses.

“I walked home the afternoon of my decision, and my parents, in a last ditch effort to save the daughter they once knew, told me to find a program. I went online and filled out a questionnaire on a site that a friend had referred me to. Within hours, I received a call from a counselor at Narconon Arrowhead. Two days later I was in sunny Oklahoma.

“The technology of the NARCONON® Program is unlike any other and I can’t give enough thanks and gratitude to my parents and the creator of that technology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, because there is really no other program out there that will change a tired and hopeless addict into a productive, happy, and sane individual again.

“Anyone who’s done the Narconon program could tell you of the carefully laid out steps that guide one to an ultimately empowered and aware state where one’s life becomes so much clearer. For me, what’s really done it has been the ongoing drive to learn more and help others out of similar predicaments. I am now a staff member at Arrowhead and my whole life has changed. I am a respected and mature adult, with a family who believes in me again. I am married to a moral and upstanding man and work doing the most important and rewarding job in the world. I am healthy and clear about my future, and though I do not like the things that I did in my past, I have taken the steps to clear my conscience and make up the damage I have done to my loved ones so that I could learn and grow from these misdeeds. I do not know of any other program that helps someone do that.

“For anyone out there that is struggling with addiction and wants to be free, for anyone who has a loved one or a neighbor or friend that needs a permanent solution, there is a program that will help once and for all.”


Narconon Arrowhead Graduate