Detox Success Story:

Narconon Program Completion

My addiction started early on. I was drinking at an early age and by the time I was 16 years old, I was experimenting with drugs. I married a man that was a heroin addict and in turn, that's what I became. My life of crime also started early because I had to maintain my drug habit. I became quite infamous; my first conviction was in 1971 for breaking and entering. A few years later, I was the first person ever arrested under Crime Solvers in the mid-70s. I was in and out of prison five times. Two of those times, I did 6 years before released on parole. Each time I was released, regardless of the amount of time I did, I returned home and within a short while reverted back to drugs and a life of crime. Prison and drug rehabs were a revolving door for me. Nothing ever clicked for me and I gave up hope for anything but a life doomed for failure because I didn't know how to live any differently despite my desire for a better life.

Addiction doesn't just hit families that are less fortunate. Addiction doesn't discriminate. My family was upper middle class until I totally depleted their finances through my years of legal fees, bonds, and restitutions.

My mother received a flyer in the mail from a place called Narconon Arrowhead. She read the flyer and became interested. What interested her was that Narconon had a sauna program that eliminates the toxins that stay in your fatty tissues for years, which damage your health and your ability to think clearly. These toxins also contribute to drug cravings. She read on and realized that this different technique made sense and that it was worth a try. I came to Narconon Arrowhead, thinking this was just another rehab with still no hope of ever being anything other than a drug addict. I had given up. When I first got here, I just knew that this place was going to help me because the technique they use here is real and made total sense. This is one program that I completed successfully and I stayed on and became a staff member here whose sole purpose is to help others break the bonds of addiction. I have been drug free for 2 years and with no desire or thoughts of ever using drugs again.

Thanks to Narconon Arrowhead, I have found my purpose in life which is to help others break the bondage that I was in for over 35 years.

A Narconon Graduate