Detox Success Story:

Narconon Program Completion

“This program has worked absolute wonders for me. Before I came I was taking drugs and eating lots of painkillers. I was also selling about 300 Loratabs and Noracos a week.

I collected unemployment, worked under the table and made about $600 a week for pills. I thought my life was great but I was bothered by the fact I had such a hard time working or going to school. I had absolutely no motivation to do those things because I felt I would just disappoint my self in the end. I came to Narconon, with some hope for direction and piece of mind. I got more than that – I got myself back. I got that freeness back that I felt as a little girl. I am so happy, clear and so charged up I can hardly explain in words the way I feel. I had been on drugs and alcohol for 10 years and my major addiction was to painkillers for a straight 8 years. I never realized how bad I was until I went through withdraw. I wanted pills so bad but when I got out of sauna all my cravings were gone. Energy was back and my head got so clear I could sit and concentrate on a book for hours. I thought that was great and that’s all I needed but what I studied and learned after the sauna is what brought the “old me” back. What Narconon has taught me can not be replaced.

I am in complete control of myself and what I do. I feel like I am ready for whatever obstacle or objective comes my way. I owe it all to the staff at Narconon, my mom and sister for asking me to come.
But most of all I owe it to myself.”

Narconon Graduate