Being drug-free is the goal for many drug abusers. Usually, it is the families of drug addicts who want a person off of drugs and into detox and rehab. Why is this?

What Drugs Do

  • Drugs, especially narcotic drugs, make people unaware.
  • Drugs disrupt the natural process of everyday functioning and throw the body and person into an internal and often external chaos.
  • At the same time drugs stimulate pleasure centers of the brain and make the person believe they are doing great.

Unfortunately, most drug abusers have little conscious view of the damage they are causing themselves and the harm they are delivering to their families. Most addicts don’t want to know these things. Guilt drives them back to using drugs. The effects of the drugs on their body mostly register as

  • irritability
  • nervousness or anxiety
  • not caring / lack of motivation
  • discomfort or pain
  • apathy
  • disregard for others than themselves

You can see that drug abusers are focused so much on their own body and into their own head that little else is perceived. And if these life situations are known about, they often cloud them over with drugs again.

Drug Detox and Rehab Ends The Vicious Cycle of Drug Abuse

The facts:

  • Drugs don’t improve, fix or heal the body. Only nature can properly build and repair life. People need help on the way and will look for ‘weird’ solutions – like drugs, when no other sensible help is available
  • Drugs disrupt the bodies normal systems and throw the person into chemical imbalances – despite what the prescription media tells you

Drug-free Rehab Solutions

  • Step One: Re-balancing the bodies chemistry through returning the person to a natural state and feeding it the vital nutrients it needs to counter-act and repair the damage that drugs have done
  • Step Two: Removing the long-term build up of toxins in the body and getting the person healthy again or in many cases, getting them healthy for the first time in their lives. Involves long-term approach best done in detox/rehab in-patient centers. See Narconon Detox & Rehab.
  • Step Three: Increase life skills and abilities to increase resources and capacity to deal with life and be successful while clean

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