Crystal Meth is a cheap, toxic drug that produces 5 times as much toxic waste in the environment for every unit of meth that is toxic to the body.

Young people and old are still being hooked by crystal meth, but this is not a new drug. Warnings about the ‘ice’ epidemic were coming out in the late ’80s and ’90s. Why does crystal meth effect people so harshly and how come people are still allowing themselves to get hooked?

Getting people into rehab for crystal meth is only difficult because of the drug tends to produce extreme paranoia, delusion and agitation. A person simple has such a small amount of a sane self to consult that they are soon out of reach for most traditional rehabs.

People addicted to crystal meth go delusional and psychotic or insane fairly quickly. These periods of delusion are sometimes chronic and at other times cyclic, once a week or every now and again. Crystal meth effects the brain and perception of the person in a profound way. Crystal meth users become convinced of bizarre situations ranging from conspiracy to aliens to bugs and an obsession to control their own lives, as far from possible as that may be.

Crystal meth effects the sanity of the person and can destroy a person’s morality, decency and sense of self in less than 6 months. The communities most horribly effected by crystal meth are the gay community, street kids, military, long shift or late shift workers. Criminal gangs tend to use crystal meth as a drug of choice as meth tends to produce violence and a severe drop of conscience over one’s actions.

Narconon has a unique and very effective rehabilitation and detoxification method of reversing the damaging effects of crystal meth. See crystal meth effects on for the complete rehab program.

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