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Part 3 – Holistic Help from Depression and Anxiety Drugs

Getting Help for Your Depression or Anxiety Should depression or anxiety drugs grip you and your life, be assured that you are not “crazy” and that help is available to enable you to break free from them. If you need to understand the difference between depression and anxiety, the previous two blogs in this series […]

The Side-Effects of Heroin Abuse and Addiction – Part 4 of 4

Spotting the Side Effects of Heroin and Getting Beyond Them An addict will do everything possible to hide heroin’s side-effects and all other evidence of the habit. Learn some of the signs a person is using heroin and what you can do to help him/her to get clean once and for all. The Tools of […]

Cocaine Detox in Holistic Rehabs

Cocaine detox should be part of every effective cocaine rehabilitation program. It isn’t yet. But you can find out how to access the program which pioneered holistic cocaine detox as part of its cocaine rehab program

C 51 & C 52 Letter To Your MP –> copy, fill in, email, fax or mail

Dear____________________________, Regarding Bill C51 and Health Canada’s (HC) regulation of Natural Health Products (NHPs), please take the time to consider the following before addressing my questions below. The statement that Natural Health Products are not regulated as drugs, which many MPs and Ministers are making, is false. Under the Food and Drugs Act, there are […]