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Narconon’s Long-Term Rehab and Recovery Program

Statistics and recovery rates show that a long-term drug rehab and recovery program – one that lasts 90 to 180 days or longer – is more effective than short programs at helping addicts get clean and stay clean for life. Why is this? The longer an addict is in a supportive program, the more he/she […]

Chronic Drug Relapse – Are You Seeking the Right Rehab? Part 3 of 3

Holistic Detox Provides Hope About Drug Relapse In the previous two blogs of this series, we looked at how holistic detox works and the significant drawbacks of the rapid medically-assisted detox. Holistic detox is the way to go for a drug addict. It does the job properly and the best news is approximately 80% of […]

Chronic Drug Relapse – Are You Seeking the Right Rehab? Part 2 of 3

Choosing Holistic Detox Over Medically-Assisted Detox When a drug addict detoxes and finally gets clean, the last thing he/she wants is to relapse. Yet it happens, all too frequently. The next blog in this series will look more closely at that. Often relapse occurs because the detox process is incomplete and so is the rehabilitation […]

Chronic Drug Relapse – Are You Seeking the Right Rehab? Part 1 of 3

What Holistic Detox Can Do to Prevent Drug Relapse So many drug addicts want and need help to break their addictions. Large numbers turn to rehabilitation centers and programs, where they may do well and receive fine treatment. Sadly, after rehab, drug relapse is so common. When drug relapse keeps recurring, it is a chronic […]

Why Drug Abusers Lie and How to Get Them to Tell The Truth

Why drug abusers lie and how to get them to tell the truth. What are drug abusers really after? How can you find out? How can you use this information to get them to rehab.