Find Out How to Help Your Loved One Stop Abusing Drugs and Not Revert Back

By Tibor Palatinus
Counselor, Drug Prevention Educator, Intervention Advisor

Drug users and their families often asked themselves…

“Can a drug user exterminate cravings, and undo the harm caused by drugs?”

“In other words, can he or she turn back the clock and eliminate his or her Addiction?”

2 discoveries answer that question, and more importantly, give some solutions.

This letter reveals, in simple terms, 2 hidden causes why drug users continue to struggle with physical drug cravings and mental addiction years after they stopped using drugs and provides the steps which Narconon uses to eliminate them permanently.

Graduates of Narconon reported that the program has helped them:

  1. Eliminate their Drug Cravings — physical and mental.
  2. Undo the harm that drugs have caused.
  3. Re-establish their “natural high”.
  4. Provide them with the tools to lead a drug-free, successful and happier life.

So keep reading this important letter as it reveals the reason behind Narconon’s success. It might just be the most important letter you will read about Drug and alcohol addiction.

A Note About the 2
Hidden Causes of Addiction

These hidden causes baffled drug users and professionals for years and lead scientist to believe the false premise: “Once an addict always an addict”.

Analogies such as “once a cucumber is pickled, it cannot revert to a cucumber” became rampant in the drug rehab industry.

And this brings us to 2 questions:

Why do cravings and damages caused by drugs and alcohol persevere long after a drug user has stop using?

Should a drug user settle for a life of unhappiness as a “dry addict” (someone who no longer uses drugs but is still struggling with his addiction), or can he undo the damages caused by drugs, overcome addiction and live a fulfilling life?

Let’s answer the first question in simple terms.

Why Do Physical Drug
Cravings Persist?

Despite what a person may think about Drug Detoxdrugs, the body identifies drugs and alcohol as toxins or poisons as soon as they are taken.

This causes the liver and kidneys to instantly begin breaking the drug down to eliminate it from the body through urine, sweat or other bodily functions.

Unfortunately, much of the drug is drawn to the fatty tissues that surround blood vessels and becomes trapped before the body has a chance to get rid of it.

Studies have shown that drug residuals can stay in fatty tissues for years, and build up every time more drugs are taken.

Drugs in Body

Physical drug cravings occur when an amount of the drug that is lodged in the fatty tissue is released back into the blood stream and flows to the brain.

When the drug reaches the brain, it reminds the person of the times when he or she used that type of drug in the past and wants more of it. In other words, it acts as an appetizer…

“…and that’s what triggers drug or alcohol cravings which are almost impossible to resist!”

It would be like trying to quit smoking while continuing to smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes per day.This can happen any time the person’s body burns fat for energy.

Normal life situations like stress, exercise or anger can dislodge drugs within the fatty tissues into the bloodstream, where they flow to the brain and cause drug cravings.

How Do You Get
Rid of the Cravings?

DETOX should end the physical cravings for drugs and alcohol. Incomplete Detox leaves a person with involuntary drug cravings. The truth is: Detox is rarely if ever properly done!

The way to naturally exterminate the physical cravings is to get rid of the drugs lodged within your fatty tissues.

One Detoxification program manages to do just that, and we’ll learn how it does it in a moment.

This program is named The “Narconon® New Life Detoxification Program”.

Its purpose is to purge the body of the drugs and other chemicals that are lodged in the fatty tissues and undo much of the harm they’ve caused to the body.

“…I wanted pills so bad but when I got out of sauna all my cravings were gone…”

Energy was back and my head got so clear I could sit and concentrate on a book for hours. I thought that was great and that’s all I needed but what I studied and learned after…

Click here for the full story.

Narconon Graduate


The Program utilizes a combination of exercise, induced sweating in a sauna and nutritional supplements to produce the following results:

That’s how the program works…

The program also includes…


“First, Sauna Decreased
My Cravings to None…”

“Prior to Narconon I was in a state of confusion. I was using cocaine and alcohol to excess which lead me to heroin addiction. I even experienced a couple of overdoses. That is when I realized I needed help!”

Click here for the full story.

Narconon Graduate


“After completing the sauna I got
my reasoning back and decided to stay for the entire program…”

“Going through the program was trying at times, but it was truly amazing. I feel better than I remember feeling as a child!”

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Narconon Graduate


Students are on this program up to 5 hours per day, every day until the detox is complete.

How Long Does It Take to Rid the
Body of Physical Drug Cravings?

It takes on average 15 to 30 days, but some may take longer than a month to fully detoxify and prepare for rehab.

The cost of the full program remains the same.

The program is results driven. You graduates from the detoxification section when a stable clinical improvement is achieved.

And the program is backed up by numerous studies. Below is a study done by 4 scientists.

Excerpt from a presentation to the 123rd Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association”…

Prior to treatment, their chief symptomatic complaints included fatigue, irritability, depression, intolerance of stress, reduced attention span and decreased mental acuity.””

Following treatment, both past and current users reported marked improvements in symptoms with most returning to normal range.”

Megan Shields, M.D.; F. Tennant, M.D., Dr. P.H.; Shelley Beckmann, Ph.D.; and R. Michael Wisner.

Click here for the full story

Important Note: The Detoxification program is only ONE step of the full Narconon rehabilitation program and only eliminates the physical cause of addiction. The full program takes on average 3 to 5 months to complete. The students progress at their own pace and must attain the full gains of each step before they can move to the next.


This Detox Method Is Also
Used to Help Rescue Workers
in New York…

The Narconon Detox Program also rid the body of legal medications, pesticide and many other toxins which the body has absorbed through the years.

This is why many New York rescue workers who helped at Ground zero have used this detoxification method.

Here’s The Story…

Shortly after they were exposed to large quantities of toxins in the air at ground Zero, many rescue workers began to complain about severe health issues.

Some of these health problems included asthma attacks, nightmares, insomnia, chest pain, memory loss, low attention span and more. Worst of all, their health problems were still persisting and even worsening a year after September 11.

The rescue workers who completed the detoxification program experienced drastic improvements, and some of them reported that their physical and mental state is now even betterthan before September 11.

While the program is currently delivered under a different name, it’s exactly the same program.

Here are some of the real life cases:
Case #1 – Joe Higgins, firefighter
Case #2 – Barbara Boursiqout, Registered Nurse
Case #3 – Anne Marie Principe, Business Owner
Case #4 – Captain Sean Donahue, US Army Commander
Case #5 – Bill Keegan, Police Lieutenant in NYC
Case #6 – Sebastian Raspanti, firefighter

Click Here for the 286 Case Summary (in PDF Format)

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Now that you’ve eliminated physical drug cravings, what about mental addiction?

What Cause Mental Addiction?

Drugs and alcoholism change people.

There is such a thing as a “drug personality.” It is artificial and is created by drugs.

An alcoholic or a drug user will eventually begin to show some of these characteristics:

As you can see, while a person continues to drink or take drugs, he or she becomes more and more depressed, dishonest, secretive and less responsible.

It’s the drug personality that causes drug users and alcoholics to commit wrong doings.

As they continue to make bad choices, their guilt increases, they withdraw from those who love them and fall deeper into anxiety and depression.

And while their actions get more and more out of control and they become more engulfed in their guilt and anxiety, drug users gradually looses the ability to hold a job, pay the bills or have a normal relationship with someone.

In short…

It’s the drug personality that creates the guilt and many other miserable feelings…and causes drug users to gradually loose the ability to control their emotions, their thoughts and control their environment.

Think about it…When you feel miserable, sad, guilty, or depressed, are you more or less able to control your emotions and your thoughts?

And that’s how a drug personality
creates mental addiction…

Drug users have painful memories of drug use and the circumstances surrounding the drug use.

While a drug user is fighting his guilt, anxiety and physical discomfort, any factor in his present environment that was connected to drugs can cause these memories to resurface and trigger powerful physical and mental reactions… and the desire for drugs!

Here’s an example…

If you speak to a heroin addict who used tin foil to inhale his drug, he may tell you that the mere sight of tin foil can cause his mouth to dry and trigger a desire for heroin.

This is true for all drug users, whether the drug of choice is heroin, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, marijuana, or any other illegal or legal drugs.

And that’s a big problem…

Here are some examples of things that can cause metal drug carvings:

Fortunately this discovery leads us to a solution…

How Do You Eliminate the Drug
Personality and Mental Drug Addiction?

By training drug users to deal with life ethically, teaching the them the required skills to flourish in life and eliminating their guilt, you get new individuals who are emotionally stable and confident.

The Narconon Rehabilitation program has a series of exercises and courses designed to increase your ability to think clearly and increase the exact life skills you need to loose your addiction.

That is a bold claim that is backed up by 39 years of studies and results.

Once students graduate from the Narconon Program, they areNO longer addicts or alcoholics.

After graduating, they have:

And best of all, while other rehab programs require their graduates to attend group counseling years after graduating…

There Is No Need for Group Counseling
After Graduating From Narconon

With their new found abilities, and the eradication of the drug cravings, Narconon graduates are able to live fulfilling lives on their own. A personalized return program is worked out by a counselor and the newly recovered addict. The Return Program is designed to anticipate and prevent the recovered addict from repeating earlier mistakes, and making restitution with his family and society.

Narconon staff continues to keep in touch for at least 3 months and up to 2 years to make sure that all is fine.

And if you think that your case is incurable…

The Narconon Rehab Program
Has Worked on Extreme Cases

For the past 39 years, the Narconon Rehabilitation Program was run on drug users, alcoholics and “incurable” addicts who kept reverting back to drugs.

No matter the addiction, or the drug, Drug users and alcoholics were able to eradicate their cravings and successfully deal with every day life the way they should.

As proof, the Narconon program was tested in Jails around the world with even higher success rates.

A 4.5 year study was done in the Ensenada Prison. Over 90% of the inmates inside the prison were addicted to and still using heroin while incarcerated.

The participants ranged from hired killers and drug dealers, to those with robbery convictions.

Out of the 1004 participants who were released, only 124 reverted to the old ways…

These 124 participants who reverted back to the old ways had been released from jail BEFORE they had the chance to finish the full Narconon Rehabilitation Program.

In other words… All the participants who have completed the program stayed out of jail.

click here for more details regarding this study.

Just look at what graduates are saying…

“I Consider Myself to Be
a Fully Recovered Addict Now…”

“It did not take long before I began using it [cocaine] on a daily basis, and I knew that I was in trouble. However, I could not stop no matter how much I wanted to. Cocaine completely took control of my life, and I was no longer in the driver’s seat.

“My parents tried to help me and I pushed them away. I took off and maxed out all of my credit cards, liquidated all of my financial accounts, and sold all of my assets. I needed cocaine, and nothing was going to get into my way. I spent near $150,000.00 over two years on cocaine until there was nothing left.

“I completed the Narconon program after 4 ½ months… and I am a happier, more stable, and competent person then I was before my addiction ever began. I never experience drug cravings, and I tackle all problems that I face in life head on. I understand myself better, and I no longer carry around the burden of my horrible past.”

Click here for the full story.

Luigi S.
A Narconon Graduate


“I am a respected and mature adult,
with a family who believes in me again…”

“I became aware of my addiction when snorting Oxycontin was not enough anymore, and I began to shoot it. Prior to that, I participated in recreational drug use since the age of 14. I went through the progression that one hears about so often; pot and alcohol, to LSD and ecstasy and cocaine, and ketamine, pharmaceuticals and then heroin.

“The last years of my heroin addiction were the scariest times I could ever imagine anyone going through. I stole, lied, spent most of my day in the pursuit of opiates, and did all the terrible and pointless things that addicts do.

“I decided that I needed to get help that would actually work. I did not want to do another 12 step program that would make me feel like I would never stop using and my life was just an endless cycle of relapses.

“Anyone who’s done the Narconon program could tell you of the carefully laid out steps that guide one to an ultimately empowered and aware state where one’s life becomes so much clearer.

“…there is really no other program out there that will change a tired and hopeless addict into a productive, happy, and sane individual again.

“I am a respected and mature adult, with a family who believes in me again. I am married to a moral and upstanding man…I am healthy and clear about my future…

“For anyone out there that is struggling with addiction and wants to be free, for anyone who has a loved one or a neighbor or friend that needs a permanent solution, there is a program that will help once and for all.”

Click here for the full story.

A Narconon Graduate


Where is The Narconon Program Delivered?

There are several Narconon centers across North America and Europe, and each set their own fees.

A Narconon Intake Counselor Knows the fee and location of each center. His or her purpose is to:

  1. Listen to you and learn about your particular situation.
  2. Find the proper Center for you or your loved one.
  3. Answer all your questions and inform you of your options.
Call the Toll Free Number
Below and Ask To speak to a
Narconon Intake Counselor Now:
USA & CAN: 1-855-224-9935


We’re open 7 days a week,
365 days a year.


Remember, the purpose of the Narconon program isn’t only to get someone off drugs and alcohol.

Its purpose is to give the drug user the essential life skills to live at an all new level, where he or she is drug free, trustworthy, productive and happier.

After Graduating from the program, and before they leave, they are asked to create a plan that shows how they will use their skills to establish a good life for themselves back home.

Contact us now and learn about your option. It may be the most important step you make toward recovery.

See you on the way to full recovery,

Tibor Palatinus
Executive Director

PS: You can also email us by filling out the following form. Your information is kept strictly confidential.


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