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Narconon detox and rehab center

About Detox-Narconon:

Detox-Narconon provides two major services.

1. We want to help you, so we conduct free Seminars over the PHONE where you get to ask your single most important question about helping a loved one heal from their drug and alcohol addiction.

The idea is to answer as many of your questions in a 70-minute teleconference. The experts we interview are some of the best in their field, and we get them to answer your questions! Click the following link to register for our next Ask our Drug Rehab Expert Teleconference!

2. Detox-Narconon also provide drug and alcohol addiction consultion and intervention services for addicts, families or friends wishing assistance in overcoming an addiction problem. Detox-Narconon serves all of Canada and the USA, United States of America. Detox-Narconon provides free consulting to families and friends of drug addicts and alcoholics. Detox-Narconon also sells educational materials and workshops which help people withdraw drug-free from drug and alcohol use. Our purpose is to provide quality help to those family members and friends of drug addicts and alcoholics who need to get to detox and rehab.

Narconon detox and rehab centerDetox-Narconon staffs explain Narconon’s life saving techniques to the families and friends of drug addicts to help them overcome the far reaching effects of addiction. Leading Detox-Narconon is Tibor A. Palatinus, a trained Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist. Tibor Palatinus is also a Drug Interventionist and drug addiction consultant. He consults with drug addicts and parents and friends of drug users on how to save the addicts life with the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation program. Detox-Narconon also recommends drug-free holistic approaches to help psychiatric drug users get off of these drugs. Detox-Narconon helps people get off drugs and live drug-free lives.

Narconon refers to the network of over 100 independent drug prevention and/or rehabilitation centers in over 50 countries. Narconon International is licensed by the Association for Better Living and Education to use the research discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard® in the fields of education and drug rehabilitation for secular and social betterment pursuits.

To learn more on how we can help you end your addiction and how we can aleviate the discomfort of drug withdrawal, Call us now on our toll free number.

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