Marijuana Vancouver, BC:

Marijuana dealers and pushers in Vancouver, BC are invading neighborhoods all over the lower mainland. Safe neighborhoods once existed on the North Shore, but now these same neighborhoods are seeing drug dealers selling everything from marijuana or dope to crystal methamphetamine to young teens. A once unlikely place to find drug dealers, Ambelside park in West Vancouver, is now home to dealers. Ask your teenage sons and daughters how many times they get asked to buy drugs when out?

The Tri-city area is suffering from a crystal methamphetamine epidemic especially amongst teenagers. Marijuana is often not even considered a drug by BC teens. These teens are so misinformed and mislead by promoters and dealers greedy for nave customers that the teens dont even know the truth from the obvious lies about Marijuana.

Marijuana Addiction:

Sometimes a teen experiences the numbing effects of pot, and tries to escape reality for a few hours. Successful escape from reality means repeat marijuana use. This leads to addiction. More and more kids are hooked and addicted to marijuana effects every day. About 500 people, usually kids, will try drugs for the first time everyday in Canada. Dealers and marijuana drug pushers and promoters lie to kids and their clients when they say marijuana is an herb, not a drug. Dope promoters need to keep people using drugs long enough to get them addicted. Once addicted to pot, these clients can be made into dealers, growers, or drug promoters and pushers. The way dealers achieve this is to use irrelevant information to hide their true intent: greed and oblivion.

Marijuana Stays in the Body for years:

Marijuana will very slowly be broken down by the body while in the blood system. This usually takes about 30 days. One reason many marijuana addicts can go without using for a week or more is due to this slow breakdown of cannabinols, the oily toxins in marijuana. Marijuana toxins store in the body fat and other tissue due to the fat soluble qualities of these cannabinols. Marijuana residues get caught in the brain tissue. These toxins create chemical imbalances, nutrient depletion and cravings for the drug years later.

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