Marijuana and the Mind:

Marijuana has been found to affect the brains proper functioning as well as proper mental development of the user. Most notably marijuana affects the motivations of the user by chemically unbalancing the natural functions of the brain. The result can be seen by talking with marijuana users about changing their habit. Marijuana is no big deal, as long as they have it.

Marijuana affects ambition and alters reality. Situations which are really vital to handle are not even seen. One couple addicted to marijuana had smoked through the woman’s pregnancy and in the baby’s same room during the baby’s first year. The baby was under sized, unresponsive, dazed and had not attempted to crawl. Addiction and anti-social behavior later in life is common for babies of marijuana addicts. Despite these bad effects, the marijuana addicted couple had not recognized or acknowledged the affects of marijuana on their baby.

Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

Researchers have found that THC changes the way in which sensory information gets into and is acted on by the hippocampus. This is a component of the brain’s limbic system that is crucial for learning, memory, and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivations. Investigations have shown that neurons in the information processing system of the hippocampus and the activity of the nerve fibers are suppressed by THC. In addition, researchers have discovered that learned behaviors, which depend on the hippocampus, also deteriorate.

Recent research findings also indicate that long-term use of marijuana produces changes in the brain similar to those seen after long-term use of other major drugs of abuse.

Marijuana creates problems:

Marijuana toxins affect the brain. Memory loss, the shakes and deterioration has been associated to longer term marijuana users. Significant mental problems are associated more frequently with people you smoke marijuana. These problems are rarely attributed by the user to marijuana use. Many people do go to treatment to detox and rehabilitate themselves after years of marijuana use. Ideally these long term physical conditions are prevented by full detox and rehabilitation early on while the marijuana user has not yet created mental health imbalances by their habit.

Health Hazards

Marijuana contains known toxins and cancer-causing chemicals which are stored in fat cells for as long as several months. Marijuana users experience the same health problems as tobacco smokers, such as bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma. Some of the effects of marijuana use also include: an increased heart rate, dryness of the mouth, reddening if the eyes, impaired motor skills and concentration, and frequent hunger and an increased desire for sweets. Extended use increases risk to the lungs and reproductive system, as well as suppression of the immune system. Occasionally hallucinations, fantasies and paranoia are reported.

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