Marijuana Detox:

Marijuana Detox can be a very long procedure using traditional detox methods. Marijuana withdrawal can be difficult due to the amount of marijuana toxins accumulated in the body over years of use. Marijuana has about 400 chemicals in its most natural state. Detox from these life hostile chemicals or toxins presents a unique problem to those wishing to stop marijuana use. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can include irritability, stomach pain, aggression and anxiety. Cravings for the drug are common symptoms of withdrawal. Marijuana cravings can re-trigger or come back years after stopping use. Reports demonstrate marijuana has re-triggered 20 years after stopping all use of marijuana. Why does marijuana detox present such an unusual problem?

THC Detox:

Tetrahydro cannabinol or THC is a known active toxin in marijuana. THC is a neuro-toxin. Neuro- means nerve and toxin means poison. THC can damage the nerve cells of the body. THC can act like a virus by changing the nerve and other cells it invades. This is called cell mutation. If this wasnt bad enough, THC detox is made difficult because cannabinols are fat soluble and store in fat cells and other cells. The fat cells eventually break down and leak the toxin back into the blood system. This causes cravings and also attention problems.

When a person uses marijuana, effects can include a stress reaction caused by toxins in the body. Rapid heart beat, paranoia, attention difficulty, communication problems and health decline are some of marijuana effects.

Marijuana Withdrawal:

Successful marijuana withdrawal is done with a full understanding of what happens when the body begins to clean itself out of these drug toxins. A full description of this is given in Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard. This book is a scientific breakthrough and explains a complete detox for those suffering from marijuana toxins. Narconon is skilled in the use of the withdrawal and detox of those suffering from marijuana toxification.

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