What Effective Heroin Treatment Requires:

Heroin is essentially a physical and emotional pain killer. Drug users who are addicted to heroin have generally low tolerance to physical and mental discomfort. Then successful heroin treatment would require that we find a way to re-establish the drug user’s physical health and eliminate the anxiety, cravings and depression that plague him or her.

The 2 first stages of a successful heroin treatment is going through withdrawal and then through a complete detox program that eliminates the drugs that have accumulated in his fatty tissues. These accumulated drug residuals are the main cause of poor physical and mental health—A full drug-free Narconon detox has proven to make a clinical change in the mindset and physical health of our students.

Heroin Withdrawal Breakthrough:

A major breakthrough has changed the way successful treatment centers withdraw addicts from heroin. The withdrawal process is faster and with much less discomfort.

Drugs deplete the body of essential nutrients leaving the body unhealthy and in pain—causing severe withdrawal symptoms. One major discovery is a special natural formulae, which has proven to shorten the withdrawal period and greatly alleviate its symptoms, when it is taken in combination with therapeutic doses of nutrients 3 to 4 times a day.

This breakthrough has allowed many Narconon students, addicted to heroin, to more comfortably experience the effect of heroin withdrawal and move on to a thorough detoxification and a successful treatment against heroin.

The entire procedure is medically supervised and guided for the maximum safety and comfort of the student.

Heroin Detoxification:

Heroin Detox is the most important phase of full recovery.

A proper Heroin detox helps a person’s body chemically re-balance itself. Complete detox should make the person healthy, feeling good and able to think clearly again.

Successful Detox requires the former addict to sweat out all the stored up toxins and drugs from their body tissues. Researcher L. Ron Hubbard discovered that drug residues are trapped deeply in the body for years. In 1978 Mr. Hubbard discovered a way to fully remove these drug residues. This detoxification step eliminates years of toxic build up. Completing this detox ends physical drug cravings and puts the former drug user in the best physical condition possible in several weeks time. Once heroin detox is fully complete, the former drug user can now fully face their past drug use without fear of physical drug cravings and relapse.

The Last Stage of Heroin Treatment:

Heroin treatment means getting the root causes of why a person continued to use heroin or other drugs. Many personal problems are directly associated with heroin addiction. Confronting and handling these problems is uncomfortable for the addict. However, by improving the person’s ability to face their problems, a person who completed the full sauna detoxification procedure, can now effectively face their own difficulties in living. Extensive one-on-one counseling helps the former drug user to deal with difficult issues effectively. Then giving a person the right skills and tools, anyone can recover from a life of addiction.

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