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Heroin Withdrawal:

Muscle spasms, aches and pains, delusions, sickness and other ill effects accompany unsupervisedheroin withdrawal. Medical withdrawal extends these bad effects by chemically suppressing the bodys attempts to re-adjust to a natural and normal lifestyle. Withdrawal symptoms can be extended indefinitely through chemical suppression of symptoms. Giving the addict medications during withdrawal lengthens the discomfort of withdrawal. An artificially created dependence on medical drugs also tends to teach the addict a lesson: that they are chemically dependent. Heroin addicts continue to use heroin due to fear of these withdrawal effects. A breakthrough occurred in the late 1970s that would eliminate these horrible heroin withdrawal effects forever.

Breakthrough Research:

Specific combinations of vitamins and a special Cal-Mag formula was developed to assist with heroin detox and withdrawal. Addicts using the Cal-Mag formula duringheroin withdrawal, combined with other specific vitamins, experience much less pain and notice improved health. This encourages former heroin users to fully detoxify themselves. Dry-out or heroin withdrawal is only the 1st step of heroin detox, but fear of heroin withdrawal had to be overcome before full heroin detox was accessible to addicts. Cal Mag and holistic approaches to withdraw provided a way out of the trap of heroin addiction (see Mind-Body Detox Nerve Assist).

Cal Mag formula:

Perhaps the greatest breakthrough in heroin withdrawal has been the development of the Cal Mag formulae. Calcium and Magnesium are minerals the body needs for building and maintaining essential structure and function. Heroin and methadone attack the bone and bone marrow of a drug user. This creates mineral deficiencies which affect the maintenance of structure and function of countless body processes. The solution to the problem of replacing the lost calcium and magnesium required finding a bio-available source of calcium and magnesium that would rapidly be used or assimilated by the body. Most calcium and magnesium preparations (vitamin pills and liquid solutions) were not usable by the body; even the best preparations were ineffective. Cal Mag needs to be in a liquid acidic base, dissolved in solution and served fresh. The Cal Mag formula used by Narconon is fully described in the books Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard and The First Step Program based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. The First Step Program book is available for sale at the phone number below.

Narconons Heroin Withdrawal and Detox:

Narconons heroin withdrawal program uses adequate amounts of this Cal Mag formula throughout heroin withdrawal and detox. Cal Mag is part of Narconons effective Heroin drug withdrawal, detox and rehabilitation program.

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