Facts on hallucinogens:

Hallucinogens alter the perceptions of the user. This alteration of perception takes many forms. The dont worry about it attitude of the marijuana user when real situations and problems do exist; Alterations of feelings and perception while on ecstasy is common place but rarely realized as an hallucinogenic effect; Seeing and experiencing things which in fact arent happening while using peyote, LSD or magic mushrooms; Full blown hallucinations where the person is experiencing forms of delusion associated to insanity, these conditions are most often connected to LSD, PCP, other psychiatric drugs. Mental states can worsen and affect mental capacity resulting in further disassociation with reality.

Hallucinogens Detox:

The most notable indication of need for detox from hallucinogens is continued use despite negative consequences. That is one part of addiction. Counseling can be very ineffective as the user will simply lie or continue using, destroying themselves and others all the while saying how awful hallucinogens are, (but not always, says the user.) Ecstasy addicts who are still on their E honeymoon will continue to use E until they go to detox and rehab, switch drugs or deplete their store house of serotonin and discover they cant feel good any more, with or without E.

LSD users as well as all hallucinogenic users, including marijuana, experience flashbacks at times during stress, overheating of the body, or at other unexpected times. These flashbacks can badly affect judgment, give unwanted emotions, bring entire bad trips from the past into the present and result in irreparable damage to self and others. The chemical effects of hallucinogens are severe on the body and brain but even more noticeable on the persons perception of reality. Full physical and mental rehabilitation as given in the Narconon program is the only drug-free effective solution I have found for this condition.

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