Drug Withdrawal Recovery in Record Time:

Fear of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol will be long forgotten memories in ages to come. Future breakthroughs have arrived. Tibor Palatinus, Executive Director of Detox Narconon, has discovered clinics in advance of all others in the fields of drug and alcohol withdrawal and detoxification. Tibor is a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor who has made an extensive search into finding withdrawal programs which work

Fast and effective detox and withdrawal recoverys the norm in dozen centers.

Nutrients are necessary for fast effective recovery.

Most withdrawal clinics/centers dont or wont adequately supplement clients with nutrients when delivering a withdrawal program. Coming off drugs is often difficult even in a supervised withdrawal setting because of this gross omission of nutrients in the withdrawal procedure. The intolerable pain and discomfort associated with drying out is unnecessary if done fully and properly with nutrients. Anxiety and depression so often associated with withdrawal from cocaine, crystal meth and other stimulants are unnecessary. Both physical and mental trauma dreaded by drug abusers can be and are being resolved naturally. The muscle spasms and aches and pains associated with withdrawal can be reduced significantly by the use of exact vitamins, mineral formula and rest in a non-disruptive environment. The use of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids have shown significant improvements in creating a positive attitude and reducing anti-social behavior when given to British prisoners, reports The Province newspaper in Vancouver.

When used in a very successful rehab program such as the drug-free one used by Narconon, addicts are able to withdraw in less time without the pains usually associated with drying out. According to Adelle Davis, nutritionist, drugs produce dietary deficiencies. Therefore, it makes sense to include a host of key vitamins and minerals as part of any dry out a person is doing to off-set the throws of withdrawal. A normally functioning body with ALL needed nutrients required for that persons survival, will feel great! If you arent feeling great, trust me, youre in-sufficient in one or hundreds of key elements (including sleep) required for good health and well being. A great deal of withdrawal pains, anxiety, depression and grumpiness may just be associated with the body trying to normalize function and eliminate toxins (drug metabolites) from its system.

Drugs hijack the bodys sensitive hormone and nervous systems and throw them out of balance and into disorder. Once the body and mind become accustomed to the presence of these drugs (life threats), it gets used to operating with them and ceases to function normally. Strangely, the body substitutes the drugs for its own hormones and neuro-chemicals and ceases to produce enough of those for itself. The result is drug seeking behavior even to the point of anti-social activity. Removing drugs and alcohol from a drug abusers diet of self destruction through drugs and alcohol causes his / her body and mind to scramble again. This re-balancing (called homo-stasis) is the bodies and minds effort to alert the body that these life hostile chemicals and poisons (drugs and alcohol) are no longer present. This experience is called a withdrawal symptom.

The use of niacin amide has long been used by health professionals in treating mental disturbance. The trauma associated with drying out is relieved considerably by niacin amide when taken with other nutrients in proper balance.

Mega amounts of nutrients are a standard part of withdrawal at a Narconon facility. In helping drug addicts withdraw from heroin and other drugs, humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard(R) (the source of Narconons technologies) used a combination of nutrients to counter act the convulsions of withdrawal as well as other techniques to extrovert the persons attention off of their body and onto the area around them. The combination of these two therapies, nutritional and environmental, form the backbone of the 1st step of one of the most effective drug rehabilitation programs in Canada and the US today: The Narconon Program. Narconon achieves over 70% success rate with completed clients staying drug-free at least a year after they finish the program.

I have personally been consulted by experts in withdrawing people from long term use of methadone, benzodiazepines, pain killers, crack cocaine, crystal meth etc. There exist several different clinics using similar methods of effectively withdrawing individuals with minimal and sometimes no alternative medications at all. According to the clients whove used these modalities, they experienced little or no adverse effects coming off of drugs instantly: even coming off of methadone and benzos was easy.

These clinics use ground breaking methods of detoxification and repair and regeneration of the body. All the clinics I have contacted are Private-pay programs. Prices range from $700 / day to $1,000 / day for the highest end centers. 5 days is the average length of stay. One center will even treat individuals on an out-patient basis. Severely out of control clients would not be suitable in an out-patient setting, despite the speed and efficacy of treatment.

Other centers include basic nutrients in its step down approach of coming off of hard drugs (including benzos). These centers offer a full withdrawal, detox and rehab program as an inclusive price, usually taking 3 to 5 months to complete. Costs are quite reasonable at $15,000 to $17,000 for the entire process at the most affordable facilities.

Drug-free non-medical centers charge $23,000 to $32,000 at the most supervised and comfortable facilities. Contact Tibor at 1-866-266-6616 for a phone consultation about any drug / alcohol withdrawal and rehab program. Often a combination of both medical clinic plus long-term drug-free center is used for optimal benefit. Our job is to gather information, asses and then have the RIGHT detox / rehab facilities intake counselors contact you. We are only interested in you starting a drug-free life as successfully as possible.

By Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC

Drug Prevention Specialist.

For more information on the use of vitamins and minerals in withdrawal or the Narconon program read our articles on . For those on a limited budget and who cannot afford clinics, two manuals have been created for you. They cost $50 + shipping for the two and can be learned and used by anyone.

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