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Preventing Methamphetamine Effects:

Skillful interactive drug prevention experts speaking in schools are needed more than ever. The results of even one effective prevention talk should be a decreased drug use or no drug use in the class and school community. Reducing popularity of drug use should occur with effective coordinated prevention programs. Telling the total truth about the drugs effects in understandable words is the way to prevent crystal use.

Crystal Meth Addiction treatment:

A parent or youth may discover a drug problem early in the cycle of addiction. The point when the parent becomes aware of a drug problem in their teenaged kids is at the point of physical methamphetamine addiction. Breaking the cycle of addiction requires:

  1. Recognition of the problem by drug user AND family.
  2. Getting the true information about drugs and how drug use follows problem avoidance.
  3. Planning out how detox and rehabilitation to full health will be accomplished within 6 months.
  4. Carrying out the plan to quickly return the person to full health

Effective Crystal Meth treatment:

Getting a crystal meth user or addict quickly off of drugs is the key to long term recovery. Drug cravings and depression are the biggest barriers that the former crystal meth user has to overcome. The success rates with conventional treatment for crystal meth are so low they are rarely if ever published. What is lacking in conventional crystal meth treatment is a way to fully detoxify the addict. This requires the New Life Detoxification Program exclusive to Narconon Detox centers. Narconon’s New Life Detoxification is the safe and humane approach to freeing the former user from unnecessary depression and pain. When the former crystal meth user discovers that he or she feels better without drugs, they no longer require drugs.

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We’re open 7 days a week,
365 days a year.

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