Crystal Meth Effects and Side Effects

To understand how you can overcome crystal meth addiction, one must first understand the effects of crystal meth, and how it creates physical and metal cravings in an addict.

Mental and Physical Crystal Methamphetamine Effects:

Crystal methamphetamine is a powerful addictive stimulant that dramatically affects the central nervous system. Crystals dangerous effects include an over stimulation of the bodys adrenal glands, giving a temporary high. The user usually seeks the pleasures associated with the chemical reaction in the brain and a hyper drive effect on the body systems. The crystal user will experience hyper activity and inability to properly sleep and laziness. Crystal users may appear normal for many years of use, but the hidden affects of methamphetamine are building up. Methamphetamine addiction is very damaging to the body and mind. Irritability and social difficulties are often noticeable methamphetamine effects. The long term effects of crystal meth can be reversible with a complete detox and rehabilitation program.

The cause of physical craving from Methamphetamine:

Crystal Meth, like LSD or Ecstasy, has a longer effect on the body than other stimulants due to its crystal chemical structure and therefore stores deeply in the body fat and other tissues of the body. These fat cells and tissues break down with stress and age and can re-trigger cravings in the body for the drug.

Crystal Meth also burns up at a super fast rate the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body demands to function properlythe result is less resistance to infection and disease. Vitamins and herbs cleansers alone cant detoxify crystal meth out of the body. Depression can set in 30 to 90 days after excessive crystal use is stopped. Methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms are not always recognized as withdrawal symptoms. The after effects of crystal meth can be symptoms of mental health problems. The vicious circle of drug taking, from the street or pharmacy, to avoid or conceal withdrawal symptoms may continue for years with traditional addiction treatment programs.

Side effects of Crystal Methamphetamine are criminal behavior, other drug use, addiction, nerve and brain damage, loss of interest in success and living, etc. Incredibly, crystals long term effects can be shortened and even recovered from.

Crystal Methamphetamine Recovery:

Effects of Crystal Methamphetamine can be solved. The Narconon Detox and Rehab program regularly ends physical and mental cravings for crystal meth and all drugs. But more importantly, it creates a person who can now succeed in life without drugs because they physically and mentally feel recovered. A leading Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF) surveyor wrote:

In my interviews with graduates of the (Narconon) program, I found their clarity of thought and responsibility for their condition in life to be of a level resembling most persons with two to five years of recovery and abstinence.

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