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Crack Cocaine Treatment:

Successful Crack Cocaine treatment is one of the most difficult to achieve amongst street drugsmore difficult than heroin or cocaine. At Narconon, we discovered that the secret of complete recovery from crack addiction lies within a full detoxification and ONE on ONE councelingnot group counceling.

What ONE on ONE Entails with Crack Addiction Treatment:

Complete treatment for Crack addiction requires a full search into the person’s life to find and handle the problems of the past. One-on-one counseling locates the core problems troubling the former drug user. These problems are alleviated and then new skills are taught to the former drug user. Ability to comfortably face the future means a new life for a former crack cocaine addict. The Narconon program primarily teaches new life skills to lead a successful life without drugs. When a drug user can function better mentally and physically without drugs, they cease to require drugs. Long term improvement in the former crack cocaine addict means a life time of peace for you.

Why Crack Detoxification is needed for complete treatment:

Crack cocaine residues tend to get caught up in the fat cells and other tissues of the body before being eliminated. These drug residues store up in fatty tissues and cause a build up of the drug toxins in the body. Cocaine toxins slowly or quickly can leak back into the blood stream and cause drug cravings, withdrawal symptoms or simply bad health. Many former crack addicts have reported feeling “drugged” 6 months after having stopped drug use. Other former crack addicts report paranoia, anxiety, stress and many other crack cocaine withdrawal feelings months or years after stopping drug use.

How to fully detoxify from Crack and eliminate cravings:

Part of a very effective treatment solution for crack cocaine is a detoxification process that eliminates physical drug cravings for a life time. In 1978 humanitarian and researcher L. Ron Hubbard discovered an effective natural process to end physical drug craving by removing toxic drug residues from the tissues of the body. Ending physical drug cravings means freedom for the former crack cocaine user. Freedom of thought means ability to deal with the past in order to comfortably face the future. Full crack cocaine treatment includes a complete rehabilitation of the person’s inherent abilities to function normally in life – without drugs.

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USA & CAN: 1-866-266-6616 ext: 023
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We’re open 7 days a week,
365 days a year.

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