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Crack Cocaine Addiction:

Crack Cocaine is usually found in a crystalline rock shapes, looking like whitish pieces of very coarse sand or small rocks. North America has a huge crack cocaine problem, which at some places, has grown larger than the heroin problem. Crack cocaine generally sells for $10 to $20 a rock. The high can last 12 to 15 minutes and is followed by a severe low. Crack addiction could be caused by the compulsion to get rid of this unwanted feeling again and again. I know of some crack addicts who have used $700 to $2,000 a day of crack. This is a larger quantity than the average, but is used to demonstrate the intensity ofcrack addiction.

Crack Addiction Dangers:

Crack Cocaine constricts (or makes smaller) the blood vessels supplying the heart with blood. Cocaine use creates high blood pressure and can cause heart attacks in even healthy individuals. Stroke, blindness and severe mental problems are associated with crack addiction. Crack cocaine tends to get caught up in the fat cells and other tissues of the body before being eliminated. This storage in the fat causes a build up of the drug toxins in the body. Cocaine toxins slowly or quickly can leak back into the blood stream and cause drug cravings, withdrawal symptoms or simply bad health. Many former crack addicts have reported feeling drugged 6 months after having stopped using drugs. Other former crack addicts report paranoia, anxiety, stress and many other crack cocaine withdrawal feelings months or years after stopping drug use.

Crack Cocaine Detox:

Crack cocaine addictiontraditional treatment has one of the worst relapse rates of all addictions. Crack addiction relapse is due in part to the presence of stored drug toxins in the fat cells and other tissues. These drug toxins leak out and create cravings and drug relapse in many addicts struggling with addiction. A necessary step of Crack Cocaine Detox is to fully sweat out all the stored drug toxins from the body, prior to a full drug rehab program. This procedure is best done under a fully trained and qualified detox specialist and supervised by a medical doctor to insure effectiveness and safety of the procedure.

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