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Cocaine Effects:

Cocaine effects are very fast, short, and give great pleasure. The short length high makes the person feel more alert, awake and energetic. Cocaine effects include a feeling of personal mastery, superman and exaggerated sense of power. The effects of cocaine are brief and can be intense. Following the brief high, a serious low or depression occurs. The cocaine user will become lazy and sleepy for long periods.

Effects of Cocaine:

The effects of cocaine also include increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and breathing rates. Anxiety, restlessness, inability to sleep and loss of appetite leading to weight loss is usual with cocaine use. Cold sweats, convulsions, vomiting and nausea also occur. The more serious effects of cocaine are heart attack, stoke and convulsions.

A major effect of cocaine use is that cocaine users often continue using cocaine despite the above bad effects. The cocaine user is chasing after that perfect high and will tolerate a lot of bad cocaine effects for a short lived high. The cocaine user may even say they only feel good when high on cocaine.

Cocaine Addiction:

The destruction of property, personal health, and relationships with family, friends and work is the side effect of cocaine addiction. Cocaine addicts will do almost anything to get their drugs. Vancouver police report cocaine addicts causing $2,000 worth of property damage a day to get enough cocaine to support a small habit. When family or friends support a cocaine addict by giving them cars, gifts, houses, food, etc., the addict often finds a buyer to sell these items for more cocaine. $500,000 of direct loss to families who have supported cocaine addicts is not uncommon. A cocaine addict will lie to their best friends a hundred times to continue using cocaine. Cocaine alters a person’s personality and mind.

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