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Why Cocaine Detoxification is Needed:

Cocaine Detox is the most vital part of any rehab program. Before an addict can be brought up to normal responsibility levels, the addict needs to become healthy. Cocaine detox should return the addict to physical health. Detox from cocaine addiction is best done intensively as relapse is a major problem. Part of the problem of detox from cocaine is that friends and family no longer believe the cocaine addict. Cocaine addiction has long term effects on the brain and body of the addict. Some addicts who quit using cocaine have even felt high on cocaine months after their last use. Cocaine after effects are best handled by a cocaine detox.

Cocaine Treatment:

Getting a cocaine addict off of drugs long term is the goal of cocaine treatment. Not understanding how the body is detoxified from cocaine abuse is a barrier to achieving successful cocaine treatment. Even though the cocaine addict did create a need for them to now require cocaine treatment, the physical addiction to cocaine lasts much longer than a few weeks spent on drying out the addict. Many cocaine addicts will tell people that they still feel physical cravings for cocaine years after no use. These cravings are not in their heads. The cravings and cocaine withdrawal effects are real.

Successful Cocaine Detox:

Exercise that produces circulation of blood deep into the body followed by long periods of time spent in a dry sauna at low heat, has produced amazing detox results. Even cocaine users who had not used for many months have experienced beneficial detox from cocaine while in the sauna. Sauna detox has become the most successful form of detox when supervised by a trained specialist. A trained detox specialist can prevent overheating, cocaine relapse and withdrawal effects while taking a person through a cocaine detox. Cocaine abuse can end with the use of effective drug-free cocaine detox treatment.

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