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Tibor A. Palatinus, News 1130

Keeping your kids off drugs on grad night

By: Reshmi Nair

Trying to keep teens off drugs has always been a serious issue around the Lower Mainland, and concerns may be rising as we get closer to graduation. Sgt. Scott Rintoul with the RCMP Drug and Organized Crime Awareness Service says it’s not just underage drinking we should be worried about. He specifically mentions ecstacy which he points out at $5 a tablet is easy to get and very affordable. Tibor Palatinus is a Drug Prevention Specialist with Narconon Vancouver. He says most parents are left in the dark. He says kids want to keep their parents safe from worry and they often will lie to them and try to minimize anything that’s going on in their life, as far as drug use. Both say graduation is a peak time for people who have never used drugs to experiment.

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