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C 6 Vs Canadian Bill of Rights And Personal Freedom

Bill C 6, introduced as a proposed new and binding law on Canadians, takes Rights away from Canadian citizens and hands those rights over to totalitarian government and ‘Health’ Canada (HC).

Bill C 6 and Personal Freedom for Canadians

Bill C 6 is a pre-frontal lobotomy on Canadian Human Rights. Currently, all and every existing trade and criminal law we have protects Canadians thoroughly while respecting the rule of justice and fair practice. Any product can be recalled immediately from Canadian soil right now, in days actually.

Bill C 6 subverts the rights of a Canadian to own property, C 6 will give the right of HC to remove it without judicial recourse by the Canadian citizen or business owner. C 6 gives the right of government to seize your property, charge you for it’s storage, never have to return it to you and fine you for having it.

C 6 and The Canadian Bill of Rights

The Canadian Bill of Rights is practically annulled by C 6. The rules of search and seizure, due process, judicial and unbiased judgment, unfair fines, etc are all open to devastation by C 6. The Canadian Charter of Rights protects you as a human being from an oppressive and tyrannical government. The Government of Canada already has more power than should be accorded a government. They’ve already abused their right of power over your dominion.

Do you need to give the dictator more power now? Factually the only power a government has over it’s people is what the people give it by assent, agreement and by law.

Opposed C 6, your freedom depends on no further destruction of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Tibor A. Palatinus

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