Narconon Drug Rehab

Drug detox / rehab facts and advice

Narconon Science – Criminal Rehabilitation Study

The Narconon Drug Education and Rehabilitation program has been effective in rehabilitating drug addicted criminals in penitentiaries. Narconon Science Study includes a full evaluation of the program over a 4 year period. An unprecedented 10% recidivism rate, (see page 19 of the study) for inmates starting any part of the program has been documented by the Justice Department in Mexico.

See the related Narconon Program study done on the Second Chance Program

See full Science video of Narconon New Life Detoxification program.

‘Second Chance’ is a program that uses the Sauna Detox program, life skills, developed by Hubbard to rehabilitate criminals; similarly the Narconon education and rehabilitation program rehabilitates alcohol/drug addicts in society.

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