Narconon Drug Rehab

Narconon Success Story, recovery from heroin cocaine addiction

“I kind of grew up on television. I was what they call a child star. I also grew up in a family that used and abused drugs. My dad was a rock star in the 60’s. Drugs were the norm in my family.

“I came to Narconon Louisiana addicted to heroin and cocaine, having just been bailed out on felony drug possession charges. I felt like my life was over.

“I’d had 10 years clean time in the past, but I felt defeated by my relapse. I had done many different programs through the years trying to handle my drug usage. What I didn’t know was that the Narconon Program is different and approaches the whole issue differently than any other recovery program I’d experienced. The Narconon Program allowed me to break free from my past by helping me solve the problems that I was trying to solve with drugs! Once I solved these problems, drugs were no longer an option! It allowed me to confront what I have done and take responsibility for the actions that led me nearly to the point of death.

“At Narconon Louisiana I was welcomed into a family of amazing people who truly cared about me. I was given the opportunity to repair past difficulties, under the caring and watchful eye of the staff. The program has given me the freedom to move forward into my future, a future I did not think I had.

“I’m clean and well, no longer eaten alive by my past. I’m responsible and accountable, ready to live the life I’ve always hoped for!

“This is the beginning of my life. I’ve learned who I am and what I am and I like what I’ve found out about myself. I can now move forward with my life, letting the past remain behind me and that means that life is new and I am new.”


The Narconon rehab program has a constant series of success stories from it’s graduates. Read the following Narconon success story

Thanks to Narconon I no longer dwell on my past or constantly feel anxious. As a result, I am much happier than I have felt in a very long time. I’m actually proud and happy. I’ve put my mistakes and issues behind me so that I can move forward. It wasn’t easy but I am so thrilled to be clean from drugs and alcohol.

T. D.

William Benitez the founder of the Narconon Drug Rehab Program is the instrumental person to bring effective rehabilitation methods to any and all who were willing to end their drug & alcohol addiction.

Narconon Rehab Founder Quote:

“…the quickest way to hurt a person or a nation or a group, the quickest way to hurt a person’s goals, his aims, his ability, his life, is by introducing that person to narcotics. Whether it’s in the form of a needle, whether it’s in the form of just dropping pills, popping pills, smoking pot, and using LSD. ”

Founder of the Narconon drug rehab program
Willian Benitez
Excerpt from a 1968 lecture

Narconon rehab program successes are common and interesting to read for myself and people who need some personal sense of connection to this incredible rehab and detox program. Enjoy the following Narconon rehab success and find out about the Narconon rehab and detox program by going to

I am very thankful that you took the effort to pursue me for the Narconon program. When I first arrived, I was angry and out of control. Anger is a combination of fear and hurt. I was filled with both. Fortunately, this Narconon program allowed and encouraged me to explore and confront why I was hurt. I also discovered what I was fearful of. Now, I have a better chance to maintain my sobriety and happiness. That is a reward that I will keep benefitting from for years. I have finally managed to achieve and experience happiness while being sober. I’ve been to other rehabilitation centers and this is the first place where I haven’t been craving a fix. Dan, you really helped me get my life back, thank you. M.M

Narconon’s rehab program starts at a completely different place or foundation than traditional 12 Step, medical detox and addiction is a disease NIDA models. Written into the Narconon philosophy of addiction is that you don’t have a life long disease, you don’t have to struggle with your condition for life, you don’t have to diminish your power or capability to overcome addiction.

Factually the exact opposite is true in the Narconon rehab program philosophy:

The Narconon Rehab Program is a social education Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program. People enrolling onto the Narconon rehab program are not considered or treated as patients but as students who are learning to regain control of their lives. Students beginning a Narconon rehab & detox center receive a full Medical Physical and Medical Qualification to participate in the detox & rehab program. A Narconon student enrolls to learn something that he doesn’t already know. These situations may include but aren’t limited to life skills; the ability to operate in the present; exactly what drugs are and do; how to eliminate these long term drug effects; etc. The Narconon rehab program addresses the disability caused by drug use with new abilities and new skills for life.

Heroin detox done differently on the Narconon detox and rehab program. Why does Narconon’s detox far surpass any other heroin detox? Because Narconon’s Detox program gets to the root of heroin cravings and heroin depression and washes it away for life. Imagine, being free and clear of heroin effects for life. Narconon’s heroin detox  gives people a reason to live. That reason can be summed up with freedom from the chains of a life of addiction.

Narconon Heroin Detox Success Story

I was 25 years old at the time and was regularly doing a vast array of street drugs including meth, marijuana, crack, cocaine, and alcohol.  Although each of these drugs are harmful, they were not my drug of choice.  I was also hopelessly addicted to heroin and found myself needing to use daily to prevent getting sick and going through withdrawals. The person I had become was a horrifying effigy of the young man I could be and once was. I had tried many other treatment programs but I could not seem to hold it together while working their steps.  Narconon was different, I could tell right away.  The very first thing the Program did was to give me back a sense of control in my life.  Although I was just beginning my journey of self-transformation, I felt hope and strength.  The staff was amazing and really knew what they were doing.  Their sense of empathy and understanding really eased my transition into the Program.  Narconon addressed the physical and mental aspects of my addiction.  First they helped me be a little more comfortable in my own skin, more comfortable with my environment, and more able to communicate my feelings.  After about a week I got into the sauna program and that is where I saw the first big changes start to happen. The sauna, along with the vitamin regiment, started flushing all the years of drug use out of my body.  It was really hard at first because as the drugs started seeping out of my system, I would feel them all over again.  I struggled a lot in the sauna for sometime, but again the staff was right there to keep me going, keeping me strong and showing me how far I had already come.

Then one day, something clicked!  I started eating and sleeping better, I had energy, I felt healthy, and I felt alive!  I finished out the sauna program with a clear body which gave me the motivation to move on to the next stage of the Narconon program and start cleaning out my mind!  With this new found vigor and energy for life,

Narconon detox and rehab program offers a different approach to ending addiction. When you graduate from the Narconon detox and rehab program 4 or 5 months after you start, you don’t have your addictions to drugs anymore. You may have real life problems, join the club; you may have situations you need to rectify, I’m there too; but you’re no longer a slave to drugs, drug thoughts and cravings have checked out of your life.

Heroin Rehab Success Story

I took a hard look at those things which led me to use drugs, and rather than succumbing to a disease or admitting that I am powerless to my heroin addiction, I took control of it. I took control of my life!  Narconon gave me the tools that I needed to confront my past, reestablish my goals and become the person I wanted to be! Narconon gave me the tools to handle my addiction completely and ensure lasting sobriety.  When it came time to graduate I was elated with the prospects of what I could accomplish with my life.  With a fresh start, I knew I could accomplish anything.  Since graduating, I have been able to accomplish more than I could ever have wished. I met the woman of my dreams and we have two beautiful little girls.  I have had the same job for over 4 years.  This year I will be transferring with 4.0 GPA, to California State University Monterey Bay to get my BA in Business with a specialty in Non-Profit business and a minor in Human Development.

Heroin effects last much longer than the 2 to 6 hour haze heroin abusers crave. The effects actually last years and effect every aspect of their lives and their family’s lives.

End Heroin Effects

Heroin users don’t expect heroin effects to invade every part of their lives, but they do. Their waking a sleeping thoughts can be filled with heroin dreams, even a year or more after they quit. Why? And can you get rid of long term heroin effects?

Heroin effects can be ended through a full and complete rehabilitation. Rehab does not mean punishment or degraded treatment. Rehab means a person is brought back into proper function and repair. Heroin rehab ends long term heroin effects through rehabilitating a person’s integrity, natural well being and social connections.

Ending heroin effects means a long term recovery program designed to end cravings, obsessions, compulsions and remove triggers which drive them into drug abuse.

Heroin Rehab For Life

Ending heroin effects for life requires a full heroin rehab program which addresses and resolves all the problems which precipitated and continue heroin abuse. A person’s life needs a full overhaul through intensive detox and rehab. Learning all the factors which end heroin abuse is found at Watch video and read how heroin addiction is being beaten and how to end heroin effects for life.

Heroin Effects

Heroin effects every part of a person’s life, especially his or her family and loved ones.

Heroin is a opiate drug, refined to concentrate the pain killing effects of heroin all consuming. Heroin takes over it’s recipient physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Heroin poses the greatest threats to life through infection, blood borne diseases, overdose, anti-social behavior and accidents.

Heroin Effects & Heroin Rehab

Heroin effects on the body, mind and emotions often creates a need for heroin rehab.

Heroin addiction is process of a person becoming slowly or rapidly consumed by heroin effects. Peoples values complete invert into living for the drug and having the drug take precedence over all other relationships, social responsibility and even ones own body. One could say that a heroin addict was possessed by this drug as heroin, like a virus will destroy it’s host to survive.

Heroin rehab has to undo the effects of physical cravings, emotional attachments and the virus like association heroin appends onto peoples lives. Heroin rehab has to remove the deep seeded infestation of heroin from each part of themselves.

Heroin Rehab

Heroin rehab works by undoing the damage heroin has done on the life of a heroin user. Heroin effects need to be removed from the body, mind as well as the emotional attachments a heroin abuser has attached to heroin.

Narconon’s heroin rehab reverses the damaging heroin effects which may now be plaguing a person’s life.

Heroin rehab works over a period of months to fully clear the body of drug cravings. Once physical drug cravings are removed, mental and emotional drug cravings are eliminated by the person scouring their lives clearing out regrets, depressions and weaknesses.

Is crystal meth rehab possible despite crystal meth addiction taking over a person’s life? Can a meth abuser’s life be rehabilitated through Narconon’s detox & rehab program? Yes and yes.

Rehabilitation is a major step toward full recovery in the struggle out of crystal meth abuse. A crystal meth addiction or compulsion needs appropriate rehab model to repair the toxic damages crystal meth creates. Narconon’s detox and rehab program is 4 to 6 months on average. Crystal meth abusers love the Narconon detox and rehab process as they eliminate the toxic residue from their bodies in detox and return to being themselves in rehab.

Crystal Meth Rehab

Rehabilitation from crystal meth abuse becomes simple and obvious only after rehab is completed. Clearly one has to eliminate meth cravings and compulsions first, that requires removing the person from any internal and external environmental connection to the drug. Physically the person needs to be at an inpatient Narconon rehab center. All Narconon centers are drug-free and don’t medicate people in rehab.

Once a former meth abuser detoxifies with the Narconon detox sauna program, they have fully removed all drugs out of their body so both internal and external environments have been removed from the person’s life.

Now Narconon’s rehab program helps a former crystal meth user get unstuck from their past upsets, compulsions, guilt and depressions. Narconon’s rehab repairs their life after years of drug abuse. Once repaired a person is taught new skills to navigate through difficult and good times as a drug-free person. New life skills ensure future success and reduces unnecessary failures due to past fixed behavior patterns. New skills unsticks a person from behavior patterns which end in drug abuse.