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“After completing the Way to Happiness course, I now have a good sense of what direction I need to take in my life. Being that this is the final course here at the Narconon program, I am feeling on top of the world with my new-found skills. The tech here at Narconon is amazing to me and I hope everybody has the chance to learn what I have learned. K.S.”

The Way to Happiness Course

Writes Dr. Alfonso Paredes*: The Way to Happiness Course is the final module or course of the Narconon® rehabilitation program. At this point the student has successfully completed the seven previous modules and is ready to integrate those social skills into a set of 21 precepts that outline a practical ethical or moral code “based on common sense” covering most areas of personal and social behavior.

The precepts include basic survival guidelines such as “Keep your body clean,” “Eat properly,” and “Take good care of yourself when you are ill,” as well as admonitions such as “Be temperate,” “Don’t take harmful drugs,” and “Do not drink alcohol to excess.” Some sexual behavior issues are addressed like “Don’t be promiscuous,” “Be faithful to your sexual partner.” Other advice includes principles such as “Don’t do anything illegal,” and “Respect the religious beliefs of others.”

Each precept is presented with brief essays that explore their meaning and implications. The precepts provide guidance that goes beyond avoiding addiction or criminal behavior. Students complete practical exercises that demonstrate their understanding of the benefits to be gained from adhering to each precept, as well as their ability to apply the principles to situations in their lives and as productive members of society.

Student Successes “The concepts in ‘The Way to Happiness’ are things we all know, but rarely apply. In reading and writing out the worksheets, I clarified the importance of following the precepts. I am truly happy. Thank you Narconon for giving me the tools and technology to get off drugs and live a happy, ethical life. I will apply the things I learned here in my life everyday. — L.S.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better ending of these books than Book 8. From everything I learned in all the other books, Book 8 put a polished finish on the knowledge retained. I now have a better understanding of how to show and act out what I have learned from these precepts. Thank you Narconon for the miracle you have been in my life. — G.S.”“Book 8 was a great book. It tells you a lot of things that you think are common sense, but when you’re a drug addict, you don’t do them. It’s a great book and it serves as kind of a refresher course for re-entering and how to conduct yourself in the world. — A.T.
* Dr. Paredes is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science at UCLA. He has pursued a long career in research and administration in academic alcohol and other substance abuse treatment and research programs. In addition to UCLA he has held professorial positions at the University of Southern California, University of Oklahoma and Jefferson University Medical School in Pennsylvania. During his tenure as director of the University of Oklahoma Alcohol and Drug Related Studies, he was responsible for a program of basic and applied research supported by the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism. Under NIDA’s support he established the UCLA/VA Laboratory for the Study of Addictions, which became the site for several NIDA and State of California funded studies. He is former Chairman of the California Department of Mental Health Research Advisory Committee. Dr Paredes is investigator of a UCLA-based 12 year follow up study of cocaine dependence supported by NIDA. He has authored and co-authored more than 116 published articles. He is a former member of the Editorial Board of Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research, Associate Editor of Recent Developments in Alcoholism and member of the Program Committee of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr Paredes is a member of the Science Advisory Board for Narconon International.

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