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Drug Detox In BC

BC Drug detox for drug abusers who wish to get clean and healthy quickly is now available for paying clients. When a person decides to end a drug abusing lifestyle, that person wants to get clean.

Drug Detox In BC – Getting Clean & Healthy

Drug detox should provide people an opportunity to remove the toxic past from their bodies completely. Drug abusers who are now clean can continue to suffer from poor health, physical drug triggers, dreams about using drugs, feelings of being foggy or stoned – even though they haven’t used drugs in months or years.

Drug residues from crystal meth, heroin, alcohol, weed, cocaine, benzo’s, psych meds, methadone, LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms, etc  all end up in the person’s body tissues including: the brain, spinal cord, fat tissue, liver, heart and lungs, muscle, etc. Why else would a person’s health be adversely affected after a traditional detox?

Drug Detoxification properly done removes drug residues from the body

The remarkable fact to accept is that drug & alcohol detox is left undone at traditional detox facilities. While medical detox helps people safely come off of meds or alcohol, med detox does not rid a person of drug cravings nor will med detox improve health.

The body requires and performs natural detoxification everyday. The cells rid themselves of toxic residue all the time. Why then would a person continue to look or appear unhealthy, foggy or sluggish after detox is complete?

Physically, the bodies natural detox process has been severely beaten down or immobilized by consistent and continual drug and alcohol abuse. The body stays sick because of the damage drugs and alcohol have perpetrated on its living organs, it’s nerves, brain, tissues and cells. To learn about the Narconon Sauna Detox in BC see detox-narconon page.

Why didn’t traditional detox at a BC drug detox center get drug abusers healthy?

Detox Fail: Traditional and most alternative BC Drug Detox centers don’t get people healthy. Detox’s only take people off of drugs, if they are done at all. Some rehab’s put people onto psych meds, benzo’s or methadone as these drugs are part of BC’s protocol of ongoing drug treatments.

Not all traditional detox center wish to keep people on drugs. Most detox centers know how continued drug use is counter-productive to recovery. Yet, any rehab or detox facility which has a psychiatrist on staff is capable of putting people onto mind altering medications or other drugs as part of their detox protocol. In many cases, a psychiatrist will feel obligated to write prescriptions for detoxing patients.

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