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Prescription Drug Addiction – 6 Hidden Causes

Prescription drug addiction is taking the lead in drug abuse treatments centers. As a drug rehab consultant, I am taking many calls from people trying to withdraw from methadone and other prescription medication. I will focus on the hidden causes of prescription addiction below.

I will also provide answers to ending even the toughest of addictions.

But first, let’s look at what is causing Prescription dependence and addiction. It is not what you think.

1. In the US and in Canada, the prescription drug market is BOOMING!

One of the contributors to this increase in pharmaceutical sales and profits is TV marketing.

Direct to consumer ads to the public have pushed profits up by 4.2 times the amount invested (according to Harvard and MIT researchers). Those are impressive figures if you are a pharmaceutical giant seeking to attract greater profits and support for your company.

The bigger questions are: Who is paying for it? Who is benefiting?

Clearly Companies like Merck benefited financially in it’s direct to consumer marketing of Vioxx, an arthritis medication with average arthritic relief benefits, but killing side effects: 30,000 US citizens died of heart attacks because of their use of Vioxx for arthritis.

2. Methadone: Approximately 1,000 deaths from methadone use in 2007 in the State of Florida alone!

Those keeping track of the various wars being waged around the world should note that a 1,000 people killed by methadone in one year is higher than the death rate to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why has no one made a fuss about these deaths caused by methadone use? Search your own minds for the answers.

BC’s Health Officer, Perry Kendall, has an entire strategy to increase methadone users every year, yet a methadone epidemic is already taking over the lead to heroin addiction in BC.

I personally wrote 2 articles on Methadone Addiction 4 or 5 years ago and put them on my website These articles lead the reader to purchasing some manuals on how to withdraw from methadone at home. For a description of this program and to order, see Withdrawal Manuals.

Thousands of people every month read these articles on Methadone, hoping to find a solution to their addiction to the drug. I’ve sold 100s of manuals on how to withdraw from methadone at home. People are reaching out to us as they are not finding help from their doctors. Why is this?

3. A methadone pharmacy will net that pharmacy $3 million a year on filling methadone prescriptions only.

A methadone clinic charges $10 per dose per day on average to a methadone maintenance patient. The catch is that patient has to show up everyday. If they don’t, they go through severe and sometimes near life threatening withdrawal effects and pain.

4. A major cause for prescription drug addiction is criminal doctors

The relative safety in ‘white collar’ crime has tempted the highest educated individuals to disregard the lives of their patients and the well being of society.

In the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (DTES), prescription pills litter the drug chocked streets even more than crack, heroin and weed. The DTES is the poorest postal code in Canada, yet $100s of millions of dollars in illicit prescription drugs and street drugs filters through these alleys. Why?

Perhaps it is undesirable for Canada’s citizens to find out that prescription pills are a greater scourge than the already banned drugs? Groups and individuals are financially profiting from drug sales while contributing to the drug epidemic in the DTES of Vancouver. Who profits? Who benefits?

The addicts will tell you the story. They were once the lawyers, doctors, secretaries and stock brokers who heeled the great halls of Downtown Vancouver. Who are selling these drugs?

5. Drugs don’t solve the underlying causes of problems. Drugs treat symptoms.

Chronic pain and mood altering pharmaceuticals, including sleep aids create dependencies. The more a person takes a drug, the less the body and mind actively work to build up resistance to that bad condition. The person’s natural systems lose track of how to combat the condition as the drug is doing it instead of them.

Drug dependence is only one step away from drug addiction.

The main battle against ineffective drug programs is conquering ignorance in the masses. There is no ‘quick fix’ to addiction. Fast solutions for bad conditions have now gotten our cities populations dependent and addicted to dangerous chemicals and stupid habits.

Building up health, tolerance and ability to handle life’s issues, including curing health problems is the key solution to winning the fight against drug addiction. Some people and groups demonstrate with 70 to 80% success rates, that health and improving a person’s self reliance is the only true cure for addiction and dependence.

The individual is responsible for their own conditions. If they don’t take responsibility for it, you as a friend or family are left to bear the suffering. It is up to the individual and usually their families and friends to help get them out of the hell of addiction and suffering.

6. Waiting for the pharmaceutical drug providers to handle prescription addiction for you or a loved one doesn’t work. There is too much money in creating pharmaceutical dependence.

The Best Drug Detox and Rehab Programs in the US and Canada are ending prescription dependence, drug addiction and even criminality. They aren’t funded by the same groups that offer drugs nor do these provide dangerous medications to the addicted and troubled. They are funded by you.

We refer people addicted to drugs to private-pay long term residential drug-free holistic programs.

Read and watch a video on Program To End Addiction.

Prescription dependence or addiction has also been solved. We regularly provide people with how to find assistance to get off their meds safely and FAST, with the help of competent professionals.

Criminality is also a solved problem. A 90% success rate for the past 6 years proves it. Yet most people prefer to believe that criminals can’t change. We have seen that people can change. People are basically good. They need help to find themselves again.

Call us, we can help.

Tibor A. Palatinus

PS If you are having difficulty helping another agree to getting professional help, sign up for Families Facing Addiction Survival Guide.

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