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The Best Drug Detox and Rehabs – Getting your Loved Ones Back

Has your loved one or you already been to the ‘best’ rehabs? Why didn’t their addiction end after returning from treatment?

I discovered that the ‘best’ drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs in North America were evaluating, medicating and pampering clients instead of detoxifying, educating and returning self respect. After 30 days in Rehab, people left with a prescription and the name of a counselor.

Do the Best Traditional Medical Drug and Alcohol Rehabs End Addiction?

The ‘best’ treatment programs turned out to not be as great as they claim. I will compare the results of medical drug rehab with drug-free rehabilitation in the following article. Please pass this along and enter comments as you will. I want to help drug users end their dependencies and get their lives back. The failures were not necessarily their fault.

Let’s consider two big names in the news these days: Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Lohan went to Cirque Lodge, a $30,000 + detox and rehab per month; Spears went to Promises Residential Rehab in Malibu, CA for $48,000 + per month.

What was the result? Fox news and Lindsay’s father Michael claims she is now on the same drugs that killed Heath Ledger (and Marilyn Monroe for you old timers).

Lindsay’s father also commented to Touch Weekly magazine: “I’m not only fearful for Lindsay, but for all the other kids out there. Most of these young people shouldn’t be on some of these medications – instead, they should get spiritual guidance, counseling and exercise.”

Britney claimed she was ADD or ADHD after several weeks at the rehab for the stars. We have all seen all the good that did. Her life continues to spin out of control.

More Drugs are Given to Drug Addicts and Alcoholics in the ‘Best’ Medical Rehabs

Two of the top centers to the stars are convincing our top artists that different or more medications are their answer. If this doesn’t sound strange to you, no need to continue reading. I’m writing for those readers who want your loved ones ending their drug and alcohol dependence and living the life they were meant to live.

The ‘best’ drug treatment centers in the USA are putting their clients on medications. Clearly these clients aren’t rehabilitated. They are now being drugged while under the care of a counselor or doctor. Did more drugs solve the problem? Click to Drug Rehab Intervention Strategy that works and sign up for the free tutorial.

If the ‘Best’ aren’t Working, How do you Get Your Loved One Back?

The purpose of drug and alcohol detox and rehab is to detoxify the body of poisons and rehabilitate the person back to a former healthy and well condition. One doesn’t achieve levels of super-stardom on medications and sickness. Success in rehab = success in life.

Drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation is not a lost art, despite the above glaring examples. Centers are ending addiction and rehabilitating former addicts by focusing on creating healthy and happy drug-free beings.

Detox and rehab should be health and life improvement. Most people reading this will nod their heads in agreement; obviously you say.

The majority of the clients I speak to over the phone, who are actively looking for the best detox and rehab programs available, want the programs to work. But, some don’t even expect the programs to work as they have seen so many failures from other centers in the past. If you’ve had failures, sign up for the Families Facing Addiction Survival Guide.

Results of 70% to 85% success rates are occurring in Drug-free Rehab centers.

“I think there is no other place in the world where I could have gotten this much caring. I mean, I’ve never seen a rehab program from which the people who got out were happy. How come? There’s no other technology like this. In here you can learn why your life went wrong and you can do something about it. This is the only rehab program where you don’t have chains.” Julia R. recent Narconon graduate.

These results take considerably longer to achieve, 4 to 6 months. Also, their total cost is about the same as these 30 day top programs; meaning cost of 30 days at the ‘best’ = 4 to 6 months at drug-free program. How is that possible?

Read and watch a video on How To End Addiction.

In a medical detox / rehab program, high salaried professionals are paid to diagnose disorders and write prescriptions. Keeping high priced doctors on staff is expensive. Somebody has to pay for those BMWs and Mercedes.

Drug-free Programs Offer More Value and Better Results

Alternatively, drug-free programs have medical consultants, off site who ensure the client is well enough to get through these natural and effective rehab programs. No mood altering or sleep medications are permitted in these centers.

The difference is amazing.

Clients report feeling much better after detoxing off of all drugs and mood altering medications. People are actually happy throughout the rehab program because they feel healthier physically. And they are recovering mentally and emotionally as they take charge of their lives without drug dependence.

Self respect is an important commodity in rehab. The client came to detox and rehab to get off of drugs. When they are able to stay off drugs and medications in rehab, the person fills with pride.

Read and watch a video on How To End Addiction.

That’s why drug-free rehab programs offer more than the medical treatments. Drug-free programs return dignity to individuals. A drug-free life has to be demonstrated to the person in recovery to work better than a medicated existence.

Why Long-term Drug-free Programs Work Better

Clients get a real opportunity to be truly drug-free for many months in the safety of the therapeutic rehab community. They don’t have to struggle living without drugs back in their neighborhood. They’ve had lots of drug-free time before returning to society. Being drug-free starts in rehab, not one day in the future maybe.

1. Long-term drug-free programs offer real help in living drug-free independent lives. No medications or other social crutches

2. Health and self respect is returned to the individual while they are in rehab.

3. The client works through more of their issues while in rehab, not in your living room

4. The family gets time to recover without the traumas an addict or alcoholic bring to the lives of the family everyday

5. No more excuses. You’re now expecting results. Life can move forward

Ending Cycles

A long term addiction in a family member has a way of destabilizing a family and orienting the family’s attention around the problems the addict brings to their lives. Living with the problems that an addict or alcoholic bring to a family is unnecessary in this advanced society. For more help go to Families Facing Addiction Survival Guide.

Ending Addictive Lifestyles – Starting a New Drug-free Life

You or your family or even the addict or alcoholic may have become ‘used to’ living an out of control or chaotic lifestyle. Living without those problems while addiction is being handled in rehab gives the family opportunities to focus on what is right about their lives and improve those areas.

Living is lots of fun. Living in chaos is depressing. There is more to life than rescuing an addict from mess after mess. A person should live their own lives and get out of life what pleasure and joy they can. Ending your constant connection to that addiction can truly end.

Long-term Successes from Drug-free Programs

“When she completed the Narconon Program, she became a person again. We could talk with her, her natural intelligence and wit was back. She could look to the future; she could desire and want things that are important and she wanted the continuation of life in this present society: a home, a job, a husband, children and possessions.

“I have my daughter back.

“It’s been close to 10 years since she completed the Narconon program. I still love to hear her speak… this natural intellect that emanates from her is a pleasure to listen to. She’s going to get married soon and suspect I’m going to be a Grandfather in about 2 years.”

Scott, father of a graduate from Narconon’s drug-free program.

Choose a drug-free rehab program. You’ll be happier you chose an alternative.

For a full audio testimonial from a recovered addict who went to the ‘best’ programs and to Narconon as well, hear about it by signing up for our Families Facing Addiction Survival Guide. There is an excellent audio cast to listen to given by one of the 1,000s who are now drug-free thanks to a drug-free program. The subject is Intervention. I recommend it to all of our readers.

Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC

PS A Narconon consultant refers clients to centers that average 70% to 86% Successful long-term rehabilitations. To find out and get the right center recommended for your situation, contact one of our Rehab Consultants USA & CANADA: 1-866-266-6616

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