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How Detox And Rehab Works

The routes out of drug / alcohol abuse are varied, but they have some things in common. Recovery has many overlapping milestone achievements. Regaining will power and self control is a major success. Demonstrating self control and experiencing self respect marks the road out of drug & alcohol addiction.

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Traditional & 12 Step Rehab Methods

12 Step programs attempt to intervene between the decisions to abuse drugs and desires to stay clean. A drug addict or alcoholic have been solving life’s problems with a fix, drink, hit, or other drugs. 12 Step methods use sponsors, meetings, actions, education, etc techniques to stop further drug abuse.

Medical / psychological programs use different drugs and counselors in their intervention efforts. Sometimes drugs that create aversion to drinking are used as with Schick Shadel programs. Other substitute drugs like methadone for opiate abuse and Ritalin for cocaine / meth abuse have been used by many program models.


Due to a large quantity of Ritalin and methadone available and in demand on the ‘open’ market, drug substitution could be fueling the drug abuse epidemic far more than preventing it.

Medications for illicit drug abuse have not been very successful in completely stopping illicit drug abuse. Using pharmaceuticals to control behavior is the action of trying to override the addict’s habit or compulsion to abuse drugs. National average success rates of 10% to 30% are common for drug substitution and drug treatment methods.

Note: success rate is defined here as drug-free / sober living. Many continue to use drugs / alcohol while on pharmaceuticals, therefore are not considered successes. Defining success differently will, of course, significantly alter success rates posted or not by rehab programs.

How Some Alternative Rehab Models Work

Most alternative models focus on a cognitive or educational / rational approach to ending addiction. Some methods incorporate many other different therapies such as yoga, breathing, diet changes, meditation, etc. Alternative doesn’t mean yoga and guru’s; not all programs use these approaches. These alternative approaches are being incorporated into so called traditional rehab programs more and more. A local example is the Daytox program in Vancouver.

Jude Thaddeus Program (JT), or St. Jude’s is a social/educational approach rather than a medical/psychological methodology putting control over one’s recovery in their own hands rather than a doctor, psychologist, or group. JT provides an opportunity to permanently recover, because JT believe’s it is a choice – not a disease. JT’s success rate for 12 years is over 68%. (Ref: St. Jude Retreat House)

Rational Recovery or RR, has a different approach than traditional or 12 Step methods. RR labels different behaviors and parts of a mind model to get a person to recover through cognitive or increased awareness and control over their addictions. Focus is on self-recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs through planned, permanent abstinence through greater self awareness / control. (Ref: Jack Trimpey, Founder RR)

Bio-physical Detox involves a total and full detoxification requiring weeks or months of natural detox methods like extensive sauna baths, vitamin and nutritional supplementation, intensive exercise, proper rest, improving diet, drinking lots of water, etc.

Bio-physical Detox has been given extensive scientific testing and proven itself under many different populations – drug addicts; hazardous chemical / gas victims (fire fighters, pesticides / herbicides – DDT; mental / spiritual betterment, health improvement. (see Townsend Letter Apr 2006 #273)

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Alternate therapies may include so many incorporating methods it is difficult to characterize them, except to use the ‘holistic’ or ‘mind, body, spirit’ tag line to hopefully characterize a large majority of alternative rehab models; ie yoga, acupuncture, healers, etc.

What Is Detox & Rehab Actually Handling?

Drugs and alcohol are ultimately poor solutions to life’s challenges. Drugs and alcohol slowly or quickly destroys one physically. These substances are essentially poisons, even though they have some odd / bizarre effects on the body, mind and emotions in different quantities.

A little bit of some drugs will stimulate the person, throw her into a more hectic activity.

Some more of that same drug will depress the person and start to slow him down.

A great deal of most drugs will kill a person.

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Drugs Residues Stick Inside The Body For Years

Extensive studies have revealed drugs and toxins are stored in the body for years. These drugs create ill health, drug dependence, mood swings and symptoms of mental trauma. Removal of drug residues along with social educational programs intended to improve learning capacity and personal responsibility were effective in changing behavior. (Ref: Intermediate Sanctions for Juvenile Offenders: A Utah Juvenile Court Case Study)

Summary Of Alternative Drug / Alcohol Rehab

Social Educational or learning models focus on improving abilities and increasing self control or will power through enlightenment or cognitive realization. Combinations of study, exercise, counseling and practical application of processes are applied to bring about desired states of being.

For example: a drug addicted person may not be able to control their cravings for drugs prior to rehab. Entering rehab, they are gradually relieved of the mental and physical triggers which turn these cravings on. The person now can easily exert will power to overcome desires to abuse.

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