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How An Addict Got Out Of The Addiction Prison

I understand why us substances users subject ourselves to the masochistic troubles that others can’t comprehend as we further dig our hole and distance ourselves from our loved ones.

I only know this through completing 5 rehab programs, several half way houses and 100’s of AA meetings before it clicked for me.

We addicts are a different breed that jeopardizes our lives and sanity because we are confused and in my opinion, we like it – I know I did. Personally, I enjoyed it too much until it came to a life or death decision for me when I got way too close to crossing the invisible line of no return, meaning; jail, insanity or death.

Addicts Need To Ask For Help

Therefore if you are approaching crossing the invisible line, and then this is meant to tell you that there is a way out. One must be ready and willing to just say yes, I want help. If you ready and willing then continue to read this, it may save your life.

I firmly believe to get clean one needs to be around other addicts because sober people can’t possibly understand the state of euphoria we get off getting wasted out of are mind for days, weeks, months or years at a time.

Addicts Need Long-term Rehab

We need to be around other addicts in a rehabilitation center for no less then 120 days. The 28 day programs don’t work for us hard core users. I know this through experience. You can’t party for years at a time and expect to be fixed in 28 days.

Scientists believe that just to control the compulsive side of the addict’s mind takes 90 to 360 days. Therefore, if you are ready to really clean up then commit to a long term program. Don’t think of it as an inconvenience but more of a journey to find out who you are and a second chance at life.

No More Excuses

Don’t come up with 100’s of responsibility at home excuses why you don’t have the time. Trust me the world revolves much better without us addicts disturbing it.

In conclusion, if you are truly ready, then pick up the 500 pound telephone and ask for help. Find the long term facility for you, pack your bags and never look back. You will be on the journey to a new life.

Good Luck

Shawn M. Sullivan

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