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Narconon Rehab and Prevention Programs — Tibor A. Palatinus Testimonial

Support for the Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Program

I’ve personally been involved with both the Narconon Drug Prevention and Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program for 8 years.

I’m an independent licensee and director of Narconon Vancouver Drug Prevention office. I also act as an independent consultant that refers clients to the Narconon Rehab Program as well as other private and public rehabilitation centers throughout Canada.

During this time I’ve spoken to 1,000s of family members who had given up trying to save their adult kids from drug or alcohol addiction using traditional 12 Step or medical models of recovery. I’ve sent 100s to Narconon drug rehab facilities. While 12 Step and the Medical model serve the majority of clients, they do not cure the majority of clients. This means access to effective health care would have been DENIED them if it weren’t for the Narconon Program.

The clients who call me state that the Narconon program has renewed their hope to get their daughter or son back from being lost to addiction. When these same clients call me back to thank me for their sons and daughters back, it makes my work very worthwhile.

I respect the intelligence and bravery it takes for a minister or health officer to allow a new type of program to enter a field like drug detoxification and rehabilitation.

The Narconon Program is unique as it offers a NON-MEDICAL detoxification protocol that is very gentle on the clients looking for help. Many people who have come looking for help off of drugs wanted to be off drugs – the sooner the better. The non-medical Drug-free withdrawal from drugs builds the clients strength and health up as a major way of countering the ravages of drug abuse. Many of these people are very weak due to the effects of drugs on their lives. Nutrients and natural methods assist their re-development and recovery. The Narconon system of recovery would rather build a person’s resilience up so they can recover, rather than compromise it with more drugs.

The Narconon Drug Prevention Program

I have been involved with the Narconon Drug Prevention program for 9 years. I am a certified Drug Prevention Specialist. I’ve personally delivered drug prevention education to 1,000s of kids. I’ve used video programs to indirectly educate kids’ right across Canada on the dangers of drugs.

The Narconon Drug Prevention Education Program meets and exceeds criteria for effective standards in prevention curriculum. Whereas the object in drug prevention education is to delay or completely prevent drug abuse from starting in a young person’s life, this program works.

Narconon uses the latest scientific discoveries about drugs to prevent kids from getting involved with drug use and eventually abuse. As a speaker, I also keep up to date on the most successful methods of communication and delivering this information.

Narconon’s drug prevention program is non-judgmental and non-directive. While it focuses on delivering the truth about drugs and alcohol on the level any person from grade 3 on up to adult can understand, it does not condone or support drug experimentation or drug abuse. Whereas remaining non-judgmental nor supportive of drug use can be a fine line to take, Narconon Drug Prevention Educators are trained to do just that.

I expect the kids and my audience to make up their minds for themselves about drug use. As a persons ability to remain steadfast on their own resolution is far greater than if they try to remain drug-free because they were told to, this style of presentation is favored by audiences who see and hear it.

I look forward to continued success with the Narconon Truth About Drugs presentations in 100s and 1,000s of school rooms across the country. Canadians depend on the success of our program now for a brighter drug-free future.



Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC

Drug Prevention Specialist

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