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What do drug and alcohol prevention and education have to do with you? If you live in a city or town, chances are the lack of proper prevention education is degrading your community.

Health is number one concern to teens and adults. Health Care is the number one expense of the Federal and Provincial Governments. Yet most money spent on Health Care is given to crisis management. We have to meet crisis when it occurs.

But, is crisis management handling the drug epidemic? Stupid question. Clearly, crisis management hasn’t worked.

Effective Drug Prevention Education offers a totally different method of handling the drug and alcohol abuse epidemic. I’ve seen drug prevention education turn around unacceptable conditions. But what works and what doesn’t?

Drug Prevention measures that have failed:

  1. Scare tactics
  2. ‘Don’t do it’ with no other educational messages
  3. Information given is not easily understood
  4. Using trickery or deception, exaggeration

Drug Prevention that works effectively:

  1. Shows sources of influence
  2. Demonstrates effect on self
  3. Has credible sources according to audience
  4. Gives useful, easily understood and helpful information

I personally found that my audiences wanted to know the facts and hear about real stories that have happened to people. They want to know how drugs and alcohol affect them. What really goes on, how do they work?

What I don’t use are the methods created by the pharmaceutical manufacturers to generate interest in drugs. Drug companies use diagrams and art to illustrate their theories and make them interesting. These theories sell lots of drugs.

The truth is medications and their byproducts don’t react the same way from person to person. The majority of street drugs were originally promoted by counselors, doctors or psychiatrists as prescription wonder drugs. These medications became ’street drugs’ after being proven to create greater damage to individuals and to society.

Any drug which is being sold illicitly has potential for abuse and has damaging side effects.

This list of drugs includes all mood altering medications, most pain medication, marijuana and methadone.

The shooting galleries in Vancouver, methadone maintenance programs for opiate abusers, weed rallies – all these create more interest and more use of drugs in society. I am now discussing the same type of marketing and PR techniques that the big Madison Avenue firms in New York City use to generate huge sales for their clients.

The more a drug is being talked about and the less is known about that drug, the more curiosity is generated.

Interest alone generates the ‘buzz’ that fuels the sales of dangerous drugs. For example, talk of legalizing marijuana has increased usage as well as interest in the drug.

If you haven’t yet noticed, Vancouver has become drug user and drug seller central for all of the North American market. Drug use increased and conditions worsened after the City began their ‘legalize drugs’ campaign, headed by a succession of Majors in Vancouver.

Clearly I won’t be seeking election in Vancouver after those comments. Drugs and alcohol sales are financially supporting an army of accomplices. The motto of all drug pushers is ‘keep drugs flowing’ through society.

A criminal gang suffers the greatest of agonies if their sales are interrupted in any way.

Operating costs for a criminal organization are considerable. If they can’t pay off their dealers, gunmen or lawyers, it costs them with their lives. The financial pressure is massive.

The ‘legalize drugs’ support groups are knowingly or unknowingly assisting the drug sales of drug pushers and dealers. Freely flowing drugs and alcohol insure continued sales and guarantee the greedy will be paid off by the criminal payroll.

There are no safe drugs.

All drugs and alcohol have side effects. All drugs and alcohol have toxic levels. Drugs and alcohol are poisons in small ‘digestible’ quantities. All drugs are essentially poisons.

I hope I’ve made my point: There is more to the ‘legalize drugs’ movement than helping unfortunates caught up in addiction, much more.

So, does drug prevention education work? Yes it does. I know of one study that will be coming out this spring that will demonstrate that properly done education changes kid’s minds and behavior.

Even video drug prevention education makes a difference. A kid making up his or her mind to not do drugs is a helpful buffer against the temptations or drug pushers which they will be confronted with as they get older.

The ‘Truth about Drugs’ talks delivered by Narconon Drug Prevention Specialists are making huge changes with the people who matter most: The kids.

To find out how you can help educate the kids go to

Tibor A. Palatinus

Drug Prevention Specialist

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