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PCP in Marijuana (Sherms) Is Driving Pot Heads Crazy

PCP or angel dust can be added to someones weed by powdered form of PCP or more likely by having the marijuana joint dipped into liquid PCP. This combination of PCP + marijuana is called a sherm, amongst other terms. It’s also known as ‘killer weed’, probably for good reason.

I’m getting more and more calls from regular or in-frequent weed smokers who accidently smoked a sherm or killer weed. They each tell me of going through similar manifestations, all characteristic of PCP hallucination or disassociation. The best way to describe the effects of PCP is a living nightmare.

How PCP Affects The Mind

Essentially, PCP triggers the reactive and unaware part of the mind into action, in a similar way that a nightmare acts while one is asleep. The only difference is that the person is ‘awake’ but ’seeing’ the world through this reactive or shadow mind. Unfortunately the PCP user often believes quite throughly that they are seeing things correctly. Sometimes this experience has snapped a person into a temporary psychosis they don’t quickly snap out of.

PCP Disassociation

PCP plunges a person into a very low condition of awareness. The most common trait of disassociation is a sense that the person is separate from himself or life. This condition often results in putting oneself in harms way, self injury, a temporary inability to experience sensation (pain), committing crimes, violence, etc.

For more information of how PCP affects the mind and how to eliminate PCP from the body and brain, see How to PCP Detox

By Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC

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