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Anonymous Drug Terrorists — Drug Abuse Connected To Terrorists

Drug dealers, anonymous terrorists and other anti-social individuals and groups have used drugs as the major method of creating disaster and chaos in society. The anonymous and hidden nature of drug pushing can only continue IF the purveyor (seller) remains secret or hidden from direct view.

Drug Abuse and drug pushing has been directly connected to terrorism. The funding of terrorism is achieved in many cases, through the sales of drugs. And drug abuse alone, produces chaos within ones family, society and one’s own life.

In the fall of 2004, I volunteered at the DEA Museum, called Target America. I spent 2 months partnering with the DEA delivering drug prevention education talks to the kids who toured the museum. This was an amazing experience for both the kids and myself. I spent hours finding out how drug dealing and drug abuse directly created destruction and death. I also found out that drug trading was funding terrorist organizations.

Today in the summer of 2008, little has changed the method of operations for drug dealers and anonymous terrorists. Cyber crime, hackers, dial a dope, online pharmaceuticals, drug pushers are all doing one thing: creating chaos in society. The more stress and tension that hidden chaos merchants inflict in society, the more dope that is pushed in on the populace, the greater the distractions from the truly important purposes of life.

Drug abuse, drug pushing, psychiatric pharma pushing, all produce a disturbed population made less aware of the purveyors of disaster. When searching out for the trouble in the peace, always look toward the producer of the chaos — the anonymous dealer, society upset or simply lies. Shed the light on these trouble makers and life will once again look cheerful and hopeful.

Anonymous terrorists, drug dealers and other anti-socials can only grow stronger where putrid bacteria grows — in the dark. By insisting that any upsetting or destructive communication be thoroughly validated by making the source known and information validated, one brings the light of truth to sordid conditions. Any black operation needs cover to continue and flourish.

Truth and those purportedly speaking the truth flourish when their identities are known and their facts validated. An ill meaning individual or group will ALWAYS hide behind anonymous labels. Invite them out into the daylight and see if they can flourish. You’ll most likely find they can’t survive in the light of day.

Insist those speaking ill or claiming ‘drugs help people’ make themselves known. No well meaning individual ever needs to hide. Hiding is an admission of evil intent. Invite all out into the open. See them for who they really are. The honest never hide. The anonymous hacker, online drug dealer or drug pushing criminal has lots to keep secret.

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