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TrueHope For Constitutional Freedom vs Health Canada Against

TrueHope For Constitutional Freedom vs Health Canada Against, November 2, 2009

C 6 Vs Canadian Bill of Rights And Personal Freedom

C 6 Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms. C 6 vs freedom. C 6 is a tool of the tyrant.

Anonymous Drug Terrorists — Drug Abuse Connected To Terrorists

Anonymous terrorists, drug pushers and even pharmaceutical online sales have one thing in common: Anonymous sources or hidden identity. Exposing the source of drug pushing, terrorist attack, hackers, cyber criminals totally nullifies the ability of a criminal to attack or commit crime.

American Psychiatric Drugging Exposed

Articles exposing American Psychiatric drugging linked to the APA are being exposed. The American Psychiatric Association has been acting as ‘pusher’ for big pharmaceutical companies ‘producer’ for years. This relationship appears to be symbiotic as well as serving the APA more than Big Pharma.

TCM And Bill C-51 Natural Health Products Category

Is the Government Applying a Fair Measurement to Regulate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?
By Dr. Lyren Chiu
(This article will be published in the Common Ground, August, 2008)

The Food and Drug Act has not been revised for 50 years. Without consultations, the government proposed Bill C-51 to amend the Food and Drug […]

C 51 & C 52 Letter To Your MP –> copy, fill in, email, fax or mail


Regarding Bill C51 and Health Canada’s (HC) regulation of Natural Health Products (NHPs), please take the time to consider the following before addressing my questions below.

The statement that Natural Health Products are not regulated as drugs, which many MPs and Ministers are making, is false. Under the Food and Drugs Act, there are currently only […]

Canadian Health Rights Warning, Sept 10, 2008

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