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Depression From Drug And Alcohol Abuse – Mechanics of Addiction Part 3

Depression is another factor that keeps an addict harnessed in his addiction. Depression is the source of a constant and significant amount of discomfort that prompts continued use. It is also the second major barrier to successful recovery for those seeking help through treatment.

Overcoming Barriers To Successful Recovery – Mechanics of Addiction Part 5

here are different methods utilized in substance abuse counseling to bring about positive moral change in an addict. Probably one of the most commonly used is the Twelve Step approach practiced by the Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups. Is 12 Step the only way to recovery? How does Narconon’s drug detox and rehab program compare to 12 Step.

Guilt And It’s Causes – Mechanics of Addiction Part 4

The third and final barrier to recovery from addiction is guilt. Guilt acts as another strap in the harness that keeps the addict trapped in his addiction. Find out how to resolve the barrier of guilt so one can achieve recovery in rehab.

Overcoming Drug & Alcohol Cravings – Mechanics of Addiction Part 2

The first challenge for any addict wishing to kick his addiction is overcoming the mental and physical cravings for drugs or alcohol. Cravings are strong, uncontrollable urges to use drugs or alcohol that drive the addict to once again use addictive substances.

Addiction – What Is It? Mechanics Of Addiction Part 1

Whether a person is genetically or bio-chemically predisposed to addiction or alcoholism is a controversy that has been debated for years within the scientific, medical and chemical dependency communities. One school of thought advocates the “disease concept” which embraces the notion that addiction is an inherited disease, and that the individual is permanently ill at a genetic level, even for those experiencing long periods of sobriety.