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Why Drug Abusers Lie and How to Get Them to Tell The Truth

Why drug abusers lie and how to get them to tell the truth. What are drug abusers really after? How can you find out? How can you use this information to get them to rehab.

Drug Withdrawal Video – How To Comfortably Withdraw At Home

Drug Withdrawal Video now available for download for $30. Call us 1-866-266-6616 and have Visa or MasterCard ready.

Are You A Co-dependent?

What are the 2 Biggest traps Codependents get into and need help to get out of. Co-dependency is not a romantic or loving relationship. A co-dependent needs love and attention from another, but become blinded by their own desire to help. Why will a codependent forgive and act helpless to get another to rehab? How is it that codependents depend on the abusers acceptance or love?

Cocaine Abuse Leads to Addiction — The Way to Full Recovery

Cocaine abuse often leads to coke addiction. How do you help another to end their dependence without waiting for them to hit bottom and take charge of their own lives? Here is the simple method of changing an addiction to full recovery.

Drug Intervention – What a Family Needs to Know to Do One

Intervention for drug and alcohol abusers is a skill which can be learned quickly if you want. Some chose professionals to do their bidding, but families can learn and apply these principles to help a loved one overcome their initial resistance to going to rehab.

What Is The First Step You Need To Take To Get A Loved One Clean And Sober?

Drug rehab for drug abuse requires that the first step toward recovery be taken. This first step or several first steps are actually not taken by the drug abuser. The first steps have to be taken by the family. Learn how to get a drug abusing loved one to rehab faster by knowing the right thing to do.

Drug Rehab – How To Get Them To Agree To Treatment

Drug addicts often refuse help. How do you help get them past pride and into rehab? This explains the process of getting someone to rehab.

Drug / Alcohol Abuse Home Tests You Can Do Right Now

Home addiction tests are needed to make an initial breakthrough with a person who denies a drug or alcohol abuse problem. What is the difference between drug use and drug addiction?
Let’s find out how to find out.
The CAGE Test
Drug and alcohol addiction has a gage or rather CAGE test to determine quickly if there […]