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Narconon Rehab and Prevention Programs — Tibor A. Palatinus Testimonial

Tibor A. Palatinus has been the director of Narconon Vancouver Society for years. This is his testimonial on the Narconon Rehab and Education program.

Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC interview on

Tibor A. Palatinus interview on covers the entire subject of drug rehab, education and how people can take actions to make a difference in society right now. Drug abuse can and should be prevented. There are successful methods of doing this.

Conference For Parents – hosted by Soroptimists, North Vancouver, BC

A conference for parents of teenage girls hosted by Soroptimist International of North and West Vancouver.
Perhaps the only thing more difficult than being a teen is parenting one.
Self-aware parents stand a much greater chance of helping their daughters become happier, more fulfilled women. Come and hear the experts talk […]

Drug Prevention, Rockingham News Article

Drug prevention at heart of day
By Julien Vernet
[email protected]
Classified Market Place

KINGSTON – Sanborn Regional Middle School seventh-graders and their relatives participated in Project Safeguard, a day of outdoor activities and drug prevention talks, in Kingston last Friday. The event, held at the YMCA’s Camp Lincoln, aimed to dissuade students from […]

Narconon Nutrition Use Validated – Video Nutrition & ADHD

Narconon drug prevention education and rehabilitation programs have been educating people on using nutrition and supplements to heal addiction. Video validates.

Narconon Science Corroborating Video – Alcohol / Drugs Impair Cognitive Function

Narconon drug prevention education information validated by corroborating science.

Canadian Health Rights Warning, Sept 10, 2008

NHP for health, wellness, detox and rehab. NHP freedom in Canada. Support

Top 10 Myths about Drug Prevention Education

I’ve been talking to school kids as a drug prevention specialist for 8 years. I’ve found kids to be very receptive and interested in getting the truth about drugs. However, I found that other prevention workers have had major failures in steering kids away from drug abuse.
I attended a panel discussion regarding the devastating problem […]

Drug Prevention and Education

What do drug and alcohol prevention and education have to do with you? If you live in a city or town, chances are the lack of proper prevention education is degrading your community.
Health is number one concern to teens and adults. Health Care is the number one expense of the Federal and Provincial Governments. Yet […]