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Drug Relapse

Relapsing back to drug abuse . .
and drug addiction is probably the most heartbreaking thing that can happen to a family. The one person who is trying not to feel the pain and loss are the people who relapse back to drugs. Drug relapse can happen gradually or quickly.
Sometimes a person who successfully broke their […]

Drug Withdrawal Video – How To Comfortably Withdraw At Home

Drug Withdrawal Video now available for download for $30. Call us 1-866-266-6616 and have Visa or MasterCard ready.

Narconon Drug Rehab Success Stories from the US, Canada and UK In-patient Centers

Rehab success stories are inspiring. Here’s a USA sample: “I have my real dad back. Seeing my Dad sober for the first time in years made me the happiest man alive. He now cares about what goes on in my life, he calls just to make sure everything is going good. We get e-mails and things on a regular basis talking about family and love. He even flew back to North Carolina from Southern California to come to be the “best man” at my wedding.” Effective Rehab is available. Discover the effect good news and success from rehab have on you and those addicted to drugs.

He’s Using Heroin

Heroin abuse in even one family member can devastate an entire family community. Hospitals, lawyers, theft and disease caused by intervenous drug use creep into the lives of caring mothers, fathers and siblings. Addiction will involve the entire family if it is not brought under control. Here are some of the main actions to take if you find out a member of the family is abusing.

Private Drug Rehab and Detox

Private rehab and detox programs which use holistic and life skills to achieve long-term recovery get far better results than 28 day programs. Inpatient programs need to up their standards to achieve greater success than failure in today’s society.

Anonymous Drug Terrorists — Drug Abuse Connected To Terrorists

Anonymous terrorists, drug pushers and even pharmaceutical online sales have one thing in common: Anonymous sources or hidden identity. Exposing the source of drug pushing, terrorist attack, hackers, cyber criminals totally nullifies the ability of a criminal to attack or commit crime.

American Psychiatric Drugging Exposed

Articles exposing American Psychiatric drugging linked to the APA are being exposed. The American Psychiatric Association has been acting as ‘pusher’ for big pharmaceutical companies ‘producer’ for years. This relationship appears to be symbiotic as well as serving the APA more than Big Pharma.

PCP in Marijuana (Sherms) Is Driving Pot Heads Crazy

PCP in marijuana is devastating lives everyday. I regularly get calls from clients suffering from pcp laced marijuana. PCP in weed can bring on serious mental instability. PCP is a dangerous toxic drug that disassociates people from reality and creates considerable distress and upset in a person’s life.

Drug Abuse In College — Pharmaceutical Rehab

Drug abuse increasing in college is not surprising. But what if the drugs were prescription pills? Addiction to pharmaceuticals is epidemic but being kept under American & Canadian’s radar. Parents and kids are seeing the effects of un-acknowledged pharma mis-use and abuse: dropping out and serious drug addiction.

Many college drug users are finding some long-term […]

How An Addict Got Out Of The Addiction Prison

I understand why us substances users subject ourselves to the masochistic troubles that others can’t comprehend as we further dig our hole and distance ourselves from our loved ones.
I only know this through completing 5 rehab programs, several half way houses and 100’s of AA meetings before it clicked for me.
We addicts are a different […]