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Direct To Consumer Advertising – Legal Drug Pushing

Pharmaceutical drug abuse has spiraled out of control since direct to consumer advertising guidelines were corrupted by the FDA in 1997. This is how it happened.

Withdraw From Methadone – Get Extra Help

Withdrawing from methadone at home is much more effectively and painlessly done when following a program. Drug detox programs are available to assist individuals wanting to end their maintenance program and regain their freedom.

Families Facing Addiction Newsletter, February 2009 — Getting Your Loved Ones Back

When a family member or loved one is struggling with addiction, what should you do? Sit by and watch like a spectator or assist them through their difficulties by offering true help? A long term and effective way to end dependency on drug use is with increasing skills and abilities to feel good and succeed without drugs. Learn how to tell if a former substance abuser is truly trying to change. Then you can decide if they are worthy of further help.

Cocaine Abuse Leads to Addiction — The Way to Full Recovery

Cocaine abuse often leads to coke addiction. How do you help another to end their dependence without waiting for them to hit bottom and take charge of their own lives? Here is the simple method of changing an addiction to full recovery.