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Narconon’s drug & alcohol rehab program involves a common sense approach to right living. Any social being fully agrees with these precepts and can use them fully in coordination with their own personal ethical views — no matter which faith group they belong to or not.

What Is Addiction?

What is addiction? describes the basic issues a family will have with someone abusing drugs or alcohol. What underlies their use? Get all the answers to your questions in clear and simple language.

The Narconon® Personal Values and Integrity Course

The Narconon Drug and alcohol detox and rehab program offers a unique approach to ending drug addiction for life. The renewal of personal standards ethics has long been sought after by rehab programs.

Anonymous Drug Terrorists — Drug Abuse Connected To Terrorists

Anonymous terrorists, drug pushers and even pharmaceutical online sales have one thing in common: Anonymous sources or hidden identity. Exposing the source of drug pushing, terrorist attack, hackers, cyber criminals totally nullifies the ability of a criminal to attack or commit crime.

American Psychiatric Drugging Exposed

Articles exposing American Psychiatric drugging linked to the APA are being exposed. The American Psychiatric Association has been acting as ‘pusher’ for big pharmaceutical companies ‘producer’ for years. This relationship appears to be symbiotic as well as serving the APA more than Big Pharma.

Drug Addiction – One Solution — Tibor A. Palatinus, letter to Vancouver Sun

Proven programs for troubled youth are desperate for funds
Tibor Palatinus
Vancouver Sun
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
I am relieved to see that others are also acknowledging what I’ve known since I first started using drugs 26 years ago. I haven’t used illicit drugs for 19 years, but I still regret using any, especially pot.
Drugs […]

Crack Cocaine Abuse – Why They Don’t Stop Abusing Crack And What You Can Do About It

Crack cocaine abuse and lying seem to be inseparable. Why do crack abusers continue to lie? How crack cocaine effects the user has a great deal to do with this. Learn how the drug crack produces conditions which produce a lying addict.

Drug / Medication Detox: Protein, Amino Acids Form Building Blocks To Recovery

Proteins can eliminate the causes of drug dependencies. Building up a healthy body with the right nutrients has always been the standard practice to improving health. Here is the science behind protein building blocks eliminating drug dependence.

Alcohol Addiction As A ‘Disease’ — Myth in Fact

Alcoholism is a not a disease. Evidence from Yale University and the original studies on alcoholism demonstrates this disease theory to be fatally flawed.

Crack Cocaine Facts from National Institute of Drug Abuse, Jan 6, 2008 plus added notes

Crack Cocaine abuse facts. What are the ways to identify crack / cocaine abuse? What can be done to address crack abuse and help another to rehab or other method of assisting with the problem? Data from NIDA plus clinical assistance provides help to those looking to change an addiction problem.