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Tibor A. Palatinus, Bio extended

Tibor A. Palatinus extended bio including work with Narconon Vancouver Society and growing up in North Vancouver, BC;

Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC

Tibor A. Palatinus, CCDC summary bio

Narconon Nutrition Use Validated – Video Nutrition & ADHD

Narconon drug prevention education and rehabilitation programs have been educating people on using nutrition and supplements to heal addiction. Video validates.

Narconon Science Corroborating Video – Alcohol / Drugs Impair Cognitive Function

Narconon drug prevention education information validated by corroborating science.

Narconon Science – Criminal Rehabilitation Study

Narconon detox and rehab program has corroborating evidence demonstrating its effectiveness. See the Study for the prison based program.

Narconon Science – Corroborating Video: Vitamin Supplementation Creating Health

Narconon’s detoxification and rehabilitation program uses large quantities of vitamins to repair the physical damage drugs create. Vitamin therapy is a major component of Narconon’s drug-free withdrawal and Sauna detoxification program.
Watch Narconon Corroborating video of Dr. Linus Pauling explain nutritional needs of un-well people.
Watch Video of Dr. Linus Pauling Nobel Prize Winning Bio-chemist validating vitamin […]

Narconon Science – Corroborating Video: Vitamin C and Drug Withdrawal

Narconon’s unique drug-free drug and alcohol withdrawal uses large amounts of Vitamin C to help repair the damage of drug addiction.
Narconon’s Science is validated by corroborating testimony of clinical trials using large doses of Vitamin C on chronic drug addicts in Harlem, NY and Seattle, WA.
Find out how Vitamin C rapidly repairs the physical damage […]

Narconon Science – Corroborating Video: Niacin and Alcoholism

See Dr. Abraham Hoffer talking about his ground breaking work on alcoholism with Bill W. – co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Watch Narconon Science corroborating video.
See full video of Narconon New Life Detoxification program.
Dr. Abrahm Hoffer, Psych is world renown for his work successfully treating Schizophrenia patients with Vitamin B 3 (Niacin). Niacin is […]

Drug Abuse In College — Pharmaceutical Rehab

Drug abuse increasing in college is not surprising. But what if the drugs were prescription pills? Addiction to pharmaceuticals is epidemic but being kept under American & Canadian’s radar. Parents and kids are seeing the effects of un-acknowledged pharma mis-use and abuse: dropping out and serious drug addiction.

Many college drug users are finding some long-term […]

How An Addict Got Out Of The Addiction Prison

I understand why us substances users subject ourselves to the masochistic troubles that others can’t comprehend as we further dig our hole and distance ourselves from our loved ones.
I only know this through completing 5 rehab programs, several half way houses and 100’s of AA meetings before it clicked for me.
We addicts are a different […]