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Drug Rehab – How To Get Them To Agree To Treatment

Drug addicts often refuse help. How do you help get them past pride and into rehab? This explains the process of getting someone to rehab.

The Best Drug Detox and Rehabs – Getting your Loved Ones Back

I discovered that the ‘best’ drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs in North America were evaluating, medicating and pampering clients instead of detoxifying, educating and returning self respect. After 30 days in Rehab, people left with a prescription and the name of a counselor. Find a drug-free detox and rehab center that actually works.

Top 10 Myths about Drug Prevention Education

I’ve been talking to school kids as a drug prevention specialist for 8 years. I’ve found kids to be very receptive and interested in getting the truth about drugs. However, I found that other prevention workers have had major failures in steering kids away from drug abuse.
I attended a panel discussion regarding the devastating problem […]

Drug Prevention and Education

What do drug and alcohol prevention and education have to do with you? If you live in a city or town, chances are the lack of proper prevention education is degrading your community.
Health is number one concern to teens and adults. Health Care is the number one expense of the Federal and Provincial Governments. Yet […]

Prescription Drug Addiction – 6 Hidden Causes

Prescription drug addiction is taking the lead in drug abuse treatments centers. As a drug rehab consultant, I am taking many calls from people trying to withdraw from methadone and other prescription medication. I will focus on the hidden causes of prescription addiction below.
I will also provide answers to ending even the toughest of addictions.
But […]