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Detox and life problems:

Alcohol detox is not enough. Life problems and difficulties are still affecting the recovering alcoholic. Past or existing problems and difficulties are remembered by the person. The social ills of man are chiefly a composite of his personal difficulties. And it is the combined dishonesties of individuals that add to the formidable total of mankinds problems. (L. Ron Hubbard) Mental triggers or re-stimulators of past experiences, conditions and attitudes remain. Memories are stored in the mind and can be reactivated when the person is experiencing any similar situation. Locations, drugs or alcohol, familiar faces, or the life problems faced by the person can re-stimulate and bring back the old drinking memories. Poor physical health can also re-stimulate the past. The person can reactively return to the bad habits of drinking to forget or not think about his problems .

Alcohol Detox and Long-term recovery:

Alcohol Detox may require medical supervision when indicated by an MD. This medical detox is only an added extra phase to alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Relapse after a medically assisted alcohol detox (chemically assisted dry-out) is so common that many centers strongly recommend or insist that an alcohol rehabilitation program follow the procedure. Some natural programs go further by getting the recovering alcoholic through a nutritional and mental rehab before advancing into confronting deeper life issues. Alcohol detox is only the first step in alcohol and drug abuse treatment. The most effective alcohol withdrawal will set up the alcoholic for long term success by improving the persons physical wellbeing before digging into the past.

True recovery:

The recovering alcoholic needs to first be put into physically excellent condition and repair nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional assistance and a complete sauna sweat out of all the medical and other drugs stored in the body fat assists full recovery; only Narconon uses such a complete detox. After this complete detox a full and intensive rehabilitation program can begin. New abilities, knowledge and inner strength have to be built up. Ability to face and control life are necessary skills to develop. When the person functions better in life without drugs, medication or alcohol, the person will no longer need drugs or alcohol. Self respect, confidence, new life skills, a healthy functioning body and a clean heart gives a true freedom from alcohol dependence.

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