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Alcohol Abuse:

The most abused drug in North America is alcohol. Studies have shown that teenagers and adults are more likely to abuse alcohol by binge drinking having more than 5 drinks, than any other drug. Why has alcohol become so popular? Positive activities are being associated with alcohol. But, does drinking alcohol have anything to do with sports, success, happiness, morality, good health, and perfect abs? Consider this: when you failed in some part of your life, was alcohol involved? For instance: injured the day after drinking; didnt get the job done right because you had been drinking; got in a fight while drinking; cheated at the bar; got sick after too much alcohol; car wreck; got lazy and fat . . .??? There are hundreds of thousands of stories of woe and trouble. Many problems really got out of hand when alcohol began to be used.

So why do so many drink to excess (3 or more drinks)? Are North Americans stupid or trying to shorten their already too short lives? NO, we are not stupid.

There is a destructive and un-recognized influence behind alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Advertising The Hidden Influence:

Budweiser Beer company spends $900 Million a year on advertising. That buys a lot of Budweiser girls with perfect bodies: where did those girls come from? Ill give you a hint: they didnt get those perfect bodies in a bar or brewery. Factually, some of the best looking people I know who also grew older beautifully, didnt drink or do drugs, took care of themselves physically and spiritually and didnt buy into beer ads.

Corona beer shows people doing nothing, lying on perfect beaches. The Tequila companies have convinced many Mexicans that if your Mexican your supposed to drink Tequila; Beer for Americans; Scotch for Scotsman; Vodka for Russians; Rye, Blue and Canadian for Canucks; Wine for Frenchman; liquor for Europeans; Ouzo for Greeks the list goes on and on. The amount of money and marketing effort to SELL the idea that alcohol is COOL is in the hundreds of Billions per year. The most effective place for alcohol companies to market their products is in MOVIES, yes movies. Billboards, commercials, car races, soccer games, football games and basketball are all second best. Movies and actors sell more alcohol than any other form of advertising combined. Alcohol companies pay millions to put their products in movies why? Because its the most effective way to advertise in the world.

Warning: What you dont recognize, even though its happening before your eyes, you can become the effect of.


Pavlovian stimulus-response manipulation is behind the repetition, sex and constant alcohol signs we see throughout society. Madison Avenue went to bed with Freud and sold sex in most of the ads they created. Result: sex used as the mechanism to trigger alcohol use through ads. Did any of you red blooded Americans, proud Canadians or loyal Mexicans every wonder where the mechanism to brainwash North Americans came from? Yes, Russia, once the enemy of the free world and terrorist to Eastern Europe and others. Pavlovian stimulus-response is what is being used to brainwash North Americans into drinking their way into oblivion. Alcohol abuse has ruined more lives than I can count. Ive talked to 1,000 of these people myself. I was almost one of them.


Ask your kids to count how many times they see alcohol promoted or shown in the shows they watch on daytime TV, youll be shocked. Get them to tell you how the actor was made to appear and then take a drink. Youll discover the alcohol companies target EVERY type of person. AFTER you explain to them you dont want them to be brainwashed by the alcohol companies, pay them a dime or a peso for every time they see ad. That dime could buy your kids the most important lesson theyll learn. You just might save your kids from a life of heartache and loss due to alcohol.

The social ills of man are chiefly a composite of his personal difficulties. And it is the combined dishonesties of individuals that add to the formidable total of mankinds problems. L. Ron Hubbard.

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