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DETOX and WITHDRAWALDrug-free withdrawal:

Detox off drugs, pills and alcohol is often difficult, even in a supervised withdrawal setting. The pain and discomfort of withdrawal is often unnecessary. Muscle spasms and aches and pains associated with withdrawal can be lessened significantly by the use of exact vitamins, mineral formulae and rest in a calm environment. Drug-free Detox during withdrawal is actually preferable to addicts and alcoholics, when highly skilled and trained rehabilitation staff administer the withdrawl program.

Nutrients Help Improve Attitude:

The use of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids have shown significant improvements in creating a positive attitude and reducing anti-social behavior when given to British prisoners, reports The Province newspaper in Vancouver.
Vitamins and minerals are used in a very successful rehab detox program; Narconons Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program. Addicts are able to detox and withdraw in less time without the pains usually associated with drying out.
Including a complete set of key vitamins and minerals in any dry out a person is doing to off-set the pains of withdrawl makes sense. Pains may be due to the body trying to normalize function and eliminate toxins (drug metabolites) from its system. The use of niacin-amide has long been used by health professionals in treating mental disturbance. The trauma associated with drying out can be relieved considerably by niacin-amide when taken with other nutrients in proper balance. More nutrition is needed by drug addicts and alcoholics while withdrawing than regular people due to the horrible condition the addicts body gets into. When a Cal-Mag drink is used, like the one in Narconons Rehab program, no tranquilizers are needed in withdrawal! A pain and drug-free successful detox during withdrawal is possible.

* According to Adelle Davis, nutritionist, drug use produce dietary deficiencies which result in disease, stress, and early death.

Effective Detox:

Helping drug addicts withdraw from heroin and other drugs, humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard used a combination of nutrients to counter act the convulsions of detox during withdrawal as well as using other techniques to extrovert (direct out) the persons attention off of their body and onto the area around them. The combination of these two therapies, nutritional and environmental medicine, form the backbone of the 1st of 5 major steps in Narconons drug and alcohol treatment, one of the most effective drug detox and rehabilitation programs in Canada, the US and the world today.

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