Ibogaine Effects:

Iboga or Ibogaine is being used experimentally on drug addicts in BC in cocaine and heroin (opiate) withdrawal. Ibogaine is a drug with effects which act similarly to mescaline or peyote and another psychiatric favorite, LSD. Ibogaine triggers mental image pictures to flood in on the person given the drug. People given ibogaine experience watching mental images projected onto screens of varying sizes. Many of these mental images seem foreign but mesmerizing to ibogaine subjects. Nausea, sickness and inability to operate motor functions, meaning they cant stand up or use their arms effectively, are common effects of ibogaine.

Ibogaine is given to people wishing to withdraw from heavy cocaine and opiate use because ibogaine treatment is said to block many of the withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine and opiates. Ibogaine is still being experimented with by professionals and drug users wishing to avoid some of the withdrawal effects of addictive drugs. Strangely, many of the effects of ibogaine are also common drug effects and withdrawal effects: nausea, confusion, delusion and hallucinations, feelings of disassociation.

Iboga Scrambling the Mind:

Withdrawing addicts with Ibogaine is dangerous for several reasons. The drug induces a state similar to what hypnotists, psychiatrists and brainwashers induce onto their subjects when attempting to wipe out past behavior patterns and creating new ones. The past or future behavior of an addict treated with ibogaine is not predictable. Brainwashing people with drugs is not therapy. Brainwashing is the use of drugs, pain and suggestion (hypnosis) to wipe out past behavior and memories. Behavior modification is attempted while the addict is totally vulnerable due to intoxication from ibogaine. Therapists giving someone ibogaine, can knowingly or unknowingly lay in hypnotic commands. Drug addiction itself can be created by a sort of hypnotic command to use again while the addict is on drugs.

Former Addict finds Solution:

Putting the drug addict back into control of their own lives has been a goal of many for hundreds of years. William Benitez, the founder of Narconon, discovered the best way out of addiction was to raise his own abilities so he could beat addiction himself, without drugs.

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